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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Jeremy Vine Received £80k Bonus for Presenting BBC Scottish Referendum Coverage

Jeremy Vine received an extra £80k of TV licence payers' money to present the BBC's Scottish independence referendum coverage, according to reports this weekend.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the 52-year-old, who presents a daily Radio 2 show and TV programmes Points of View, Eggheads and Crimewatch, earned between £700-750k for his work at the BBC.

Justifying Vine's nose bag, a BBC spokesman said: "As well as presenting his daily Radio 2 show, which brings news and current affairs at the heart of the daytime schedule to 7.02m listeners a week, Jeremy is also the co-presenter of Crimewatch and presents Points of View.

"In the last year Jeremy has also presented 132 episodes of the popular daytime quiz show Eggheads. His experience of political, live and overseas reporting means he is also important as a co-presenter of major national events like General Elections and referendums."

Harry Jones, a caller to the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show, challenged the presenter about his salary live on air.

"Are you embarrassed to pick up your pay cheque?", asked the former miner.

"I just feel very lucky every day is the answer to that", replied Vine.

In the same conversation Vine conceded that some BBC personalities are grossly overpaid.

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