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Friday, 9 June 2017

Park and Ride: BBC Radio Personalities Convicted of Child Sex Crimes

BBC Local Radio personalities Tony and Julie Wadsworth have been jailed for five years after being found guilty of indecently assaulting underage boys.

Their crimes stem back to the late 1990s, when the couple had just started presenting together.

The Wadsworths were also convicted on several counts of outraging public decency after a jury at Warwick Crown Court heard how they had engaged in open air romps in an effort to entice young spectators and get them to join in.

On several occasions Tony Wadsworth acted as look out while his wife seduced the youngsters, some of whom were only 13 years old.

The Wadsworths were mysteriously pulled from the airwaves of BBC WM in December 2015. News of the allegations surfaced a few months later when they first appeared before Warwickshire Magistrates' Court.

Addressing the couple as they were sentenced, Judge Andrew Lockhart QC said: "I find that you both found that your sex life would be made more exciting by engaging with young lads in Mancetter Park and the woods near to your home.

"You Julie Wadsworth loved the attention and that young boys were attracted to you.

"You Tony Wadsworth did all you could to encourage her and facilitate the events that the jury have heard about."

The Judge added that it should have been staringly obvious to the Wadsworths that their victims were underage, because they were school boys who were riding bikes and climbing trees.

David Rouse of the Crown Prosecution Service, said the couple had "lived double lives".

He said: "In their public and professional lives they were a couple who came across as caring, warm and respectable.

"However, in their private lives, they preyed on young, impressionable victims for their own sexual gratification.

"I would like to thank the victims for their courage during this difficult and sensitive prosecution. They have helped to bring these two sexual predators to justice."

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