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Saturday, 18 March 2017

BBC Slammed for Allowing Paedophile to Recount Crimes Live on Air

The BBC Trust said the makers of a radio programme made "a most serious error of judgement" by allowing a convicted paedophile to boast live on air about abusing his two young daughters.

The deviant, who claimed to be in prison, called Allan Beswick's Late Night Phone-In on the evening of 1st March. The programme is broadcast four times a week in the BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire areas.

Normal protocols were not followed and the abuser ended up live on air with the 68-year-old presenter. The producer, who should have been listening closely to the programme's output, was so engrossed in preparing a news summary that he failed to realise anything was amiss until four minutes into the call. Even then, for whatever reason, the producer failed to terminate the call and the conversation went on for almost another minute.

During the conversation the convicted nonce recounted his crimes, saying: "Both my daughters enjoyed sex with me when they were eight years old, with full consent and knowledge of their mother."

He then went on to explain how he was "doing a public service" by making child sex DVDs because "there are a lot of professional people paying good money to watch DVDs of children having sex".

Eventually, after almost five minutes of distressing conversation, Beswick terminated the call by saying "you're vile, get off".

Several subsequent callers told Beswick how upset they had been listening to the paedophile's comments.

Beswick made the following apology during the following evening's show: "If you were listening last night, you might have heard from a caller who made a number of grossly offensive comments.

"Now, I've listened back to what he said and I've discussed the matter with people that I trust, and I'm now convinced that I shouldn't have allowed the call to continue.

"I should have ended it sooner. A lot sooner. So I apologise for that. And I apologise because I think you're entitled to expect rather better from me."

A BBC spokesperson said: "This was completely unacceptable and clearly broke our strict editorial guidelines. A full, on air apology was made.

"All those involved recognise it was wrong to broadcast such offensive content.

"We have already reviewed and strengthened our procedures and provided additional training and supervision."

You can read the findings of the BBC Trust's Editorial Standards Committee here.

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Anonymous said...

This proves the BBC is a sex offending promoter and supporter of paedophilic filth and there is an agenda behind this. They are sneakily supporting paedophilia, to make it acceptable for those who engage in it to not be held to account where they are in positions of authority and across the board. This is a mind control paedophile acceptance game. They are immoral and brazen with no empathy. This also weakens the surviving whistle-blowers and those who are suffering in silence and allows them to be gaslighted by their perpetrators (who are intra-species predators) as and when they get the urge.They allowed enough time for the incestuous scum to give enough disgusting information to the public. This was more than likely a planned event because nothing happens by chance with calculating manipulative, character disordered creatures. How much more evidence do people need about the degenerate organization that calls itself the BBC to stop funding the Sex Offending Satanic Cult. May they be eliminated and get their comeuppance for pushing the Paedophile Acceptance Agenda/Agenda 21 which states that anything goes sexually and this must not be allowed to happen.

The Equalizer said...

No doubt we can expect to hear of his resignation in the very near future!