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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lord Sugar Carelessly Reveals 2016 The Apprentice Winner

It looks like the BBC has dropped the ball for a second time this week.

According to media reports the winner of the current series of The Apprentice has been inadvertently revealed by the observation that they were the only one being followed on Twitter by belligerent businessman Lord Alan Sugar.

Of all the business hopefuls that trundle through the boardroom, history shows that Sugar only ever follows the winner on Twitter.

The oversight has been pointed out to Sugar, who has now unfollowed the series winner - but too late to prevent their name from becoming public knowledge.

Contestants on the programme are bound by strict confidentiality agreements, so that the eventual outcome isn't leaked to the media.

Sadly those confidentiality agreements don't extend as far as the censorship of Sugar's Twitter feed (but given the BBC's woeful redaction skills, it would undoubtedly balls that up anyway). We're not governed by any sort of confidentiality clause or loyalty to the BBC either, so we have no qualms in revealing the name everyone is talking about.

The winner of the current series of the hit BBC One show wasn't due to be revealed until the 18th December, when the BBC was undoubtedly hoping that millions of viewers would tune in to see who it is.

But you don't need to wait that long, as we can reveal this morning that the name squarely in the frame is 31-year-old small business owner Grainne McCoy.

Grainne, from Northern Ireland, the proud owner of a makeup studio, describes her self as naturally driven. She says needs a bit of mentoring to make her first million and wants to be a good role model to her teenaged son.

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Anonymous said...

"Good role model for her teenage son".

I detect a hint of no father being an equal role model in this picture.

You gotta love the BBC's feminist agenda.......

Anonymous said...


Admin said...

Indeed. It looks like the Twittosphere (and our subsequent reporting) was wrong on this occasion.
Oh well. Shit happens.