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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BBC Extends Capita TV Licensing Contract

The despicable BBC has seen fit to extend Capita's TV Licensing contract for a further two years until 2022.

Here at the TV Licensing Blog we're scratching our heads in disbelief. Over the years we have seen Capita TV Licensing employees engage in some very dubious conduct in their continuing quest to raise revenue for the BBC.

We have grave concerns about the manner in which Capita employees are incentivised to generate TV licence sales and gather prosecution evidence against those they allege to have evaded the £145.40 TV licence fee. We recently reported that Capita earned £120m a year by hauling alleged TV licence evaders before the courts.

The BBC, as statutory Television Licensing Authority, is legally responsible for the administration, collection and enforcement of the TV licence fee. TV Licensing is the trading name used by the companies appointed by the BBC to undertake its TV Licensing role. Capita Business Services Ltd, as holder of the lucrative TV Licensing operations contract, is responsible for the majority of customer engagement.

The BBC collects £3.7bn in TV licence fees every year. The annual cost of administering the TV licence fee is in excess of £100m.

Andy Parker, Chief Executive of Capita, said: "This contract extension reflects the success of the partnership."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This article proves that crime does pay, unfortunately. We will see a continuation of the BBC's aggressive tactics to extort money. It is appalling that a dangerous, malignant narcissistic minority cult that runs the BBC can manipulate and get away with running a Mafia style organisation. Thank goodness for the wisdom of TV Licensing Blog and for their hard work and focus on keeping us well informed.