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Saturday, 22 October 2016

TV Licensing Code 8 Strike Rates

Data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act shows that TV Licensing managed to "catch" a TV licence evader at fewer than one-in-ten unlicensed properties it visited in 2014/15.

The TV Licensing Field Monthly Performance Pack for March 2015, which the BBC failed to properly redact, reveals that TV Licensing goons conducted slightly fewer than 3.5 million enforcement visits to unlicensed properties across the UK in the 12 months to 31st March 2015.

Of those 3.5 million visits, just under 338,000 "Code 8" prosecution statements were taken, which represents an average "strike rate" (TV Licensing's term) of around 9.7 percent.

Full data is included in the table below:

Month Visits Code 8s Strike Rate
Apr-14 278322 24889 8.9
May-14 235449 22530 9.6
Jun-14 314560 28483 9.1
Jul-14 330323 31446 9.5
Aug-14 289338 26789 9.3
Sep-14 338038 30998 9.2
Oct-14 332444 30443 9.2
Nov-14 298795 28842 9.7
Dec-14 196128 19621 10.0
Jan-15 249888 28671 11.5
Feb-15 284083 33814 11.9
Mar-15 350651 31419 9.0
Totals 3498019 337945 9.7

It should also be highlighted that over the same period of time only 174,000 people were actually convicted of TV licence evasion, which reinforces the fact that only about half the evaders TV Licensing claims to have "caught" face any sort of penalty. For the purposes of deterrence, TV Licensing claims to have a 99 percent conviction rate, but its methodology is seriously flawed to say the least (read more). In our opinion TV Licensing's 99 percent claim is disingenuous and out of context.

Statistics contained within the March 2013 and March 2014 Monthly Performance Packs are broadly in line with those above, so it is likely that the trend continues to the present day.

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