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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Northern Ireland TV Licensing Search Warrant Execution

New video footage has emerged showing a pair of TV Licensing goons executing a search warrant in Northern Ireland.

The two goons, one of whom we recognise as Paul Bale (who we consider a pretty shady character, to say the least), are accompanied by two PSNI officers.

A copy of the warrant, shown in the image below, reveals that the information was laid by Paul Bale too. This is interesting because warrants are normally sworn by a Capita Court Presenter. We'd always considered Bale to be a bog standard TV Licensing door-knocker rather than a Court Presenter, so we can't quite work out how the job fell to him. Unless, of course, there are two Paul Bales working for Capita TV Licensing in Northern Ireland (a frightening prospect for justice within the province).

We do not know the full circumstances leading up to the execution of this warrant, so can't comment too much further. If anything new comes to light we shall add it to this article.

It does appear that the PSNI officers - particularly the mouthy camera-shy female - acted beyond their remit in assisting the two hapless goons.

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Edit (22/4/2017): We have just confirmed that the second TV Licensing goon pictured on the right of the image above is called Laurence Moore.

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anonimous said...

Has the authenticity of this vid been checked the behaviour of the police is that bad it leads me to think its a spoof.

Admin said...

You're joking, right?
How can it be a spoof when we've posted a copy of the warrant (and we've seen a few, so know it's legit) and it features the most prominent TV Licensing goon in Northern Ireland?

anonimous said...

No actually im not i could produce what looks like a warrant in a matter of minutes please dont misunderstand my doubt i dont trust everything i see. Capita would have us believe they have a position within the police command chain. All i ask is the authenticity bombproof.

anonimous said...

With respect can anyone vouch for the person behind the camera

Admin said...

We do not know the person behind the camera, but we are satisfied that the video is genuine.

anonimous said...

So you know not of its originator mmm

Anonymous said...

Its real, that sad little wart Beale has been seen about before

anonimous said...

We all know that but do we know the originator of this vid

Fred Bear said...

One thing that's different about enforcement in NI is that they didn't use detector vans at all there in 2014/15. In the recently released Performance Packs that weren't properly redacted it is stated that in the year to end of March 2015, no requests to use detection equipment (code 9X) were made for NI.

See the section TVL Field 'Capita Enforcement' Performance - Visit Results Summary page 15.

Maybe it's too much bother to take the van over the Irish Sea?

Anonymous said...

Do you have images of any of the documents which were stapled to the warrant? The deposition (or whatever you call it in a Northern Irish Court) would be interesting.

Admin said...

The person subject to the warrant can request the Deposition from the court, but it's not provided automatically. As far as I'm aware, it hasn't been requested.