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Sunday, 1 May 2016

TV Licensing Threatograms Received by Landlord of Vacant Property

It's not that often that we're forwarded TV Licensing threatograms, but we're grateful to our reader Jim for doing just that.

Jim explained that he'd recently purchased a property that he intends to let. He has been fixing up the house, which needs a bit of work prior to his first tenants moving in. The property is currently empty, save for a few bin bags full of rubbish, tools and decorating equipment.

March 2016 TV Licensing threatogram, front and rear views.
There is no TV receiving equipment within the property, but just as expected Jim has received a TV Licensing threatogram every month since the previous owners moved out.

He goes onto explain: "Most days I'm at the new house and I'm longing for the day TV Licensing come to visit.

"It's now 8 months since the previous owners moved out and apart from reminder letters I've not seen hide nor hair of TV Licensing. It's quite frustrating really, because I've got my script all worked out and camera ready by the door."

A lot of people are reluctant to tackle TV Licensing head on, in the mistaken belief that it is an official body of some standing. Jim, on the other hand, knows exactly what TV Licensing is and relishes the prospect of confrontation.

April 2016 TV Licensing threatogram, front and rear views.
"It's not right at all that the BBC sends around these thugs to threaten people in their homes. They've got no special authority at all, but go on as if they're detectives working for a law enforcement agency.

"It sticks in my throat that the BBC harasses innocent people in their homes, yet is seemingly unable to investigate decades of rape and sexual assault right under its own nose.

"If TV Licensing dares to visit my home I'll let them know exactly what I think. It won't be pretty.

"Even better if they try to stitch me up, because I'll make sure that the court and every newspaper sees evidence of their corruption."

Jim is going to keep us informed of future developments. He's ready and waiting for TV Licensing to call.

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Chris said...

Note the use of red ink and words like "officers". They're clearly designed to intimidate and, as such, are morally bankrupt

Syd Floyd said...

Thanks to the net many people these days are now clued up on the "threatograms" but many still are not
Im now now on my third "investigation" in 3 years and only had 1 visit ..which I ignored

Fred Bear said...

I've not paid a penny to the BBC for around 20 years. I still get the standard letters about non-existent investigations, 'ten days to get correctly licenced', 'what you can expect in court' etc. but the goons have given up on me years ago - they realise they're not going to get any commission from calling at my address so they go looking for 'easy pickings' elsewhere.