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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

TV Licensing Goon Uses Four-Letter Insult Against Legitimate Non-Viewer

A businessman has accused a TV Licensing employee of making obscene comments during enquiries at his legally-licence-free home.

Malcolm Hollingsworth, who goes by the name of @MalcTheOracle on Twitter, shared his letter of complaint to TV Licensing with his followers. He has kindly agreed to us reproducing it below:
Dear TV Licensing,

Today at around 12:25 my day was interrupted by a man who came to my house claiming to work for TV Licensing. Whilst he began to show me evidence of his association he chose to never actual show me any formal ID. However as I have been the subject to a renewed series of harassment by your company in the form of letters with ever increasing threats - I let it pass. The property address is shown at the bottom of this email.

I pointed out the significant harassment that had been forced upon me yet again - the same that has happened for many years. I clearly stated that I find this harassment in all its forms to be egregious and unfounded. I further stated that the need to turn up at my home to determine why I must be liar and thus guilty was an insult.

Despite this I let him into my property which he decided he did not want to do. If he did not need to come to my property why was he actually there at my door stop investigating me for the crime of not buying a TV licence when I do not watch any TV or have a TV connected for such purpose? I insisted if I was being investigated that he should in fact see with his own eyes that no such equipment is in use.

He then left my property exiting the front door. As I start to close the door with standing on my porch he calls me an “ignorant c&*t”. I stopped closing the door, opened it fully and asked him to repeat his abusive language and explain himself. He stated I had slammed the door in his face - an impressive feat of skill given he was not near the door, the door way and in fact stood on my suitably large porch way.

I find the general tactics of TV Licensing to be rude, harassing and asserting of some rights not afforded to you by law. The idea that someone whose only crime it is to not require a TV licence having to suffer increasingly stronger worded letters claiming to be supported in law when many assertions have already been shown at best to be ignorant of the law and at worst legally defined as harassment - is simply shameful.

To be treated as guilty and having to prove one's innocence of a charge of NOT requiring a TV licence constantly is bad enough - but to suffer the indignation of such verbal abuse - is a crime.

The suggestion that all one has to do is repeatedly state they are not a criminal is an abuse of power. The fact that my “property is unlicensed” to use your own words - designates me suitable for investigation.

If I shot someone in front of a police officer, I am still INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. The law dictates that all people are innocent until a court of their peers proves their guilt, except when it comes to the harassment of those with no requirement for a TV licence - ALL considered GUILTY.

I require a full investigation into the verbal abuse, a letter of apology to the address stated below and the abusive individual to return at an agreed time and date to make a full and unreserved apology in person for his language and behaviour.

Malcolm Hollingsworth
TV Licensing operations contractor Capita Business Services is responsible for the majority of TV licence administration and enforcement work, which includes the employment of visiting officers (goons) like the one described above.

As Malcolm has provided TV Licensing with full details of the goon's visit, it will not take too long to establish the identity of the rogue employee in question. We do not doubt the goon's affiliation to TV Licensing, be we imagine Capita will plead ignorance. Capita's default setting is to deny any association with goons caught behaving badly, even when the evidence of wrongdoing is overwhelming and irrefutable.

Experience shows that a significant proportion of TV Licensing goons are prepared to tell lies and commit crimes when conducting doorstep enquiries. For that reason we advise anyone who does not legally need a TV licence to ignore TV Licensing completely.

TV Licensing cannot be trusted. Don't make the mistake of falling for its bull and bluster.

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1 comment:

Syd Floyd said...

Despite having to follow the goons visiting procedures manual. All goons just do as they please when working alone and unsupervised ...knowing TVL always turn a blind eye as long as the sales keep rolling in