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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bad Attitude TV Licensing Goon Breaks Rules Again

Another video has emerged showing the sinister face of Capita TV Licensing's doorstep enquiries.

We are very, very keen to identify the goon starring in this video, as he needs re-educating about the rules contained within the TV Licensing Visiting Procedures.

The footage, obtained by a concerned father, shows his panicked return home to find a Capita TV Licensing goon standing in the living room with his young son.

We do not, as yet, know the boy's age, but it is clear that he is a minor, probably not quite a teenager, and as such no TV Licensing goon should have set foot in the property alone with him. The goon's lack of judgement and integrity is further reinforced by the fact that the boy in question, who appears of far eastern descent, clearly has a very limited grasp of the English language.

The goon gestured to a TV set mounted on the wall and invited the father to turn it on. The father replied that the goon was very welcome to try the TV set himself, but the goon replied "no, I'm not allowed to do it because it's your TV and you know what to do".

The goon, further demonstrating his ignorance, added "I do not have a Panasonic TV. I do not know which controller you're using". The father stuck to his guns that he doesn't use the TV set to receive programmes, to which the goon replies "well would the young man know how to do it?"

The goon's interest then shifted to the young boy's computer monitor. Incredibly the goon then asked the boy to turn on his games console and show what he normally does. The bewildered boy turned on what was clearly a video game and was then coaxed by the goon into pushing the "source" button in an effort to receive TV programmes.

All this time the father was explaining that they didn't watch any TV programmes and didn't even have an internet connection. At one point the father can be heard saying "we don't watch BBC paedos", although we're not quite sure what he meant by that comment!

The video footage shows the goon failing to obtain any evidence whatsoever of unlicensed TV reception. Just in case anyone gets any ideas about superimposing frozen images onto the video, we'll add that no image at all was seen on the Panasonic TV set. Only a video game and blank "no signal" screen could be seen on the computer monitor.

The goon's conduct is bang out of order. Even by Capita's standards, it is pretty low to gather evidence from a child and attempt to lure him into self-incrimination.

We know this goon of old and he is a particularly repugnant skip-licker. Last time he appeared on YouTube he refused to identify himself and arrogantly shouted that the occupier of a legally-licence-free property was "cheating the system".

TV Licensing will do nothing about this. It doesn't care how its goons get a result. It doesn't care about the validity of that result.

If you know the goon shown above please get in touch so we can share his identity and warn others about his appalling conduct.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to swear.

Fuck me. That is incredible. I couldn't watch it all as it made me so angry. The occupier should have treated him as an intruder, told him to get the fuck out the property and then physically escorted him to the pavement outside and advised him that any repeat would be dealt with by the police. That goon has well overstepped the mark.

Anonymous said...

While testing the kids tv you can tell the goon was just hoping and praying for even a glimpse of a grainy picture breaking thru just enough to give him another code 8 and his £20 commission

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

We really need to keep stressing the point: NO CONTACT!

Do not let them in. Just close the door. There's absolutely no law or legal requirement to let these salesmen into your homes. You wouldn't invite the milkman into your home if he said he wanted to have a look at your living room, would you? No. So don't invite these goons in.

Fred Bear said...



Chapter 4

1.0 It is essential to establish as early as possible during the interview that the
person who answers the door is an appropriate person to interview and that they
reside at the address. The nature of the enquiry is a private matter between the
EO and the resident of the property being visited.

1.1 Having established that they are speaking to an appropriate person, (i.e. an adult
who normally resides at the address,) the EO must produce their identity card,
state that they are authorised by TV Licensing and give the reason for the visit.
(If licence claimed, see Chapter 4 – Section 2.)

1.6 If an appropriate person is not present, the EO must try to obtain the name (and
address if this is different from that visited) of the householder, carer, or person
responsible for the TV Licence. This must be noted upon the visit as a “9P” (with
the date and time of the visit if using paper visits). Additional comments should
be made (e.g. the person spoken to at the address is not an appropriate person
to interview).

Entry To Premises.
7.0 When there is admitted or suspected evasion, or where the interviewee claims
that there is no television, the EO should ask permission to enter the premises in
order to confirm this.
Premises must never be entered when the only person present is a

Anonymous said...

Just walking in would have had me knocking the cr4p out of him, and that would be me taking it easy. Any attempt to fight back would see severe action taken, their life would be in danger, the only option would be run or having it ended