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Saturday, 13 February 2016

BBC Boss Cohen Racks Up £3,850 Luxury Hollywood Hotel Bill

Documents recently published by the BBC reveal that former Director of Television, Danny Cohen, racked up a massive £3,850 hotel bill during a visit to Hollywood last May.

Cohen, who quit the BBC at the end of November after almost a decade at the national broadcaster, stopped at the "rock star" Sunset Marquis Hotel for 13 nights at a cost of £6,200. However, the 42 year old executive decided to reimburse the BBC the £2,350 cost of upgrading his room, leaving the Corporation to foot the remaining £3,850. That equates to a cost of around £300 per night.

The hotel bills itself 'as the home away from home for actors, comedians, writers, artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, supermodels, restaurateurs, billionaire entrepreneurs, and the newest breed of entertainer when the hotel opened its doors in 1963: rock stars.'

It features 154 suites and villas, set in what is described as 3.5 acres of Mediterranean oasis.

Cohen is believed to have been attending the LA Screenings television market, which took place in Los Angeles over the first two weeks of May 2015.

Only a year ago the BBC attracted criticism for spending more than £13,000 sending executives to the 2014 event.

It just goes to show that old habits - particularly those involving the frivolous use of TV licence fee payers' money - die hard at the BBC.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They can spunk away as much money as they want. It's not my money they're using, and if anyone out there is still stupid enough to hand money over to a paedo protecting organisation such as the BBC, then more fool them!