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Friday, 4 December 2015

BBC's Yentob Jumps Before Push

Television executive turned presenter Alan Yentob has resigned from his role as BBC Creative Director.

Yentob, who was paid £183k for his BBC executive role, recently attracted negative publicity over his expenses and involvement with now-defunct children's charity Kids Company.

Kids Company collapsed when the Government withdrew its funding amid concerns about financial mismanagement. In particular, it is claimed the charity handed out a significant amount of public money to youngsters who ended up spending it on alcohol and drugs.

Yentob was accused on trying to influence the BBC's reporting of the scandal by questioning the journalists concerned and holding the hand of flamboyant Kids Company chief executive, Camila Batmanghelidjh, during an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Speaking in a BBC media statement, Yentob said: "The BBC is going through particularly challenging times and I have come to believe that the speculation about Kids Company and the media coverage revolving around my role is proving a serious distraction.

“So I have spoken to Tony Hall and told him that I think it best that I step down from my senior management role as Creative Director at the end of this year and focus on programme making and TV production - including of course the Imagine series. I will also continue supporting Christine Langan and her team as Chairman of BBC Films."

The BBC Director General, Tony Hall, said: "Alan is a towering figure in television, the arts, and a creative force for good for Britain. He has served the BBC with distinction in a number of different executive roles - all of which have been characterised by his energy, creativity and commitment to public service. He has an extraordinary roll-call of achievement.

"I am pleased that Alan will be continuing his brilliant work as a programme maker at the BBC in the future."

It is believed that Yentob resigned from his position on the BBC Executive Board before the Corporation's governing body, the BBC Trust, began an investigation into his conduct.

As indicated above, Yentob will continue in his role presenting the BBC One arts series Imagine, for which he reportedly receives a salary of £150k.

Not bad at all for a part-time job!

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Anonymous said...

"Yentob, who earned £183k for his BBC executive role"

'earned'? I think the term 'was paid' fits better.

Admin said...

You're right. Slip of the keyboard, now corrected.