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Sunday, 1 November 2015

It's a Dog's Life Being a Scottish TV Licensing Goon

The number of TV Licensing goons being assaulted in Scotland is on the rise.

That's according to an article, no doubt planted by TV Licensing's PR harlots, that temporarily appeared on the website of Moray Firth Radio earlier this evening.

In the last financial year 89 TV Licensing goons have been assaulted, which is two-and-a-half times as many as in the previous year.

According to TV Licensing - and this is where the credibility of the article really does fall into question - a further 360 goons have been threatened and verbally abused during incidents in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee. 

That statistic really is a minor miracle, considering there are less than 400 goons covering the whole of the UK.

TV Licensing claim that a goon was threatened with a hammer in Dundee. Others have been punched, spat on, verbally assaulted and one even had a TV set thrown at him.

An Edinburgh goon is quoted as saying: "I've faced verbal abuse, been filmed, pushed, followed on foot for several hundred yards - shouting abuse in a packed street. I've been followed and chased in a car for several miles."

Capita TV Licensing's Colin Bright said: "On one occasion, myself and a colleague were involved in a physical attack.

"The abuse does affect your home life, because, in some cases, people are filming your car registration or putting your name online, so it's in the back of your mind that there's a chance you could be approached by a stranger in public."

Colin Jones, Capita TV Licensing's Field Operations Director, said: "The threats our officers can receive when they are just trying to carry out their role is completely unacceptable. Those who attack them seem to forget they are human beings.

"They do a great job, remaining professional and courteous in sometimes very challenging circumstances and we do everything we can to support them. This includes reporting serious threats and abuse to the police."

Indeed regular readers of the TV Licensing Blog will know exactly the sort of "great job" that some Scottish goons do as they collect revenue on behalf of the BBC (see here and here). Let's not even mention some of the antics their colleagues south of border get up to. With TV Licensing, it's quite often a case of "do as we say, not as we do". It's a bit rich that TV Licensing is seeking sympathy and understanding, when some of the tactics it employs would not be out of place in the Third Reich.

Here at the TV Licensing Blog we cannot and do not condone any sort of physical violence against a TV Licensing goon, however provoked the aggressor might be. Violence is always wrong, save for the exceptional circumstances in which it is a genuine act of self-defence. 

We do encourage the passive filming of TV Licensing goons, which is perfectly legal and serves to protect the occupier from any unfounded allegations of wrongdoing later on.

Any Scottish TV Licensing goons seeking alternative employment and reintegration into society, please read this earlier article for inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Off topic I know.
But do you guys know that there is a bbc america! I bet they dont pay for a licence.
I just watched "the last kindom" episode via it that isnt out here in the uk yet.
im gobsmacked... seems we are funding oversees content without knowning it.

Anonymous said...

It's now on the BBC Scotland website & news App

Fred Bear said...

Radio 5 Live interviewed a so-called 'Enquiry Officer' this morning (linked to the story quoted in this article). The impression she tried to give was that most people are pathetically grateful to be disturbed in their own home with demands for £145.50 payment. It's just a few 'nasty' people who are the problem. She didn't mention anything about receiving commission for getting people prosecuted and, not surprisingly, she wasn't asked about that side of the business at all.

Pete said...

If you're threatened with a hammer you leave and there's no harm done; obviously he had outstayed his welcome and was refusing to leave or threatening a search warrant.

Anonymous said...

I see worthy campaign is getting national coverage now. You horrible people, naming and videoing TV Licensing goons like that. They must worry every day that people will recognise them, walk past and give them disapproving looks and snide comments. It must be even worse now that TV Licensing has published their names, photos and locations in the national press. Poor old Charlene Boucher has never been so famous. I hope you're thoroughly ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Admin, this is an angry rant. Prepare yourselves!


Reading that sycophantic drivel from a goon named Anser Hussain:
"There’s the perception that people think they’re being caught doing something wrong, but if you don’t have a licence we’re just there to help,” the 38-year-old said.

Dad-of-two Anser has also been the victim of racial abuse.

“It’s intimidating and it’s frightening," he said.

"I have had every profanity you can imagine, including racist insults, thrown at me.”

Anser, who has had videos of him being attacked posted online, said: “I do genuinely think at times: ‘Am I going to come home to my lovely kids tonight?’

“My daughter does get upset sometimes and ask why I am doing the job.

“But it’s something I like doing – I like helping people.”




Yet in not one single media article I have read does ANY journalist report on how these scumbag goon TWATS intimidate, threaten, harrass and STITCH UP INNOCENT PEOPLE.

And here's the ironic bit that really really pissed me off:

"A TV Licensing spokesman said it’s difficult to pin-point exactly what’s prompted the rise in attacks."


Bunch of bastards!

Admin said...

Totally agree Anon.
The irony of TV Licensing's latest media offensive has not been lost on us!
I can feel another blog post coming on.

TheKnightsShield said...

These people should see what it's like being on the receiving end of their neverending harrassment. They wouldn't be so quick to complain then. A home is supposed to a safe place from all the dangers and hazards of the world we live in, not somewhere where we have to hide or be harrassed all for the sake of a few quids worth of commission.