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Friday, 30 October 2015

TV Licensing Summons Received Despite Inconsistencies and Language Barrier

An interesting case is currently being discussed by colleagues across at the TV Licence Resistance forums.

Nabz, a new user of those forums, arrived a few days ago to explain how his wife had received a summons in relation to an offence TV Licensing claim she committed back in May 2015.

A TV Licensing goon, who we won't name for the time being, visited the couple's Slough property on the early evening of Friday, 29th May.

Nabz wasn't at home at the time and his wife, who speaks very little English, was left minding the couple's three young children. 

She inadvertently answered the door to a TV Licensing goon, who proceeded to read the questions pre-printed on the TVL178 Record of Interview form. Given the language barrier it was a struggle for her to understand and respond to the goon's questions, but she did confirm her name.

Thinking of the children's safety, Nabz's wife refused to allow the goon access to the family home. Confused about the situation, she also refused sign the completed TVL178 form and the goon failed to hand her a copy of the completed form.

As is often the case, the incident was long forgotten until the arrival of a summons some five months later. Looking, for the first time, at the completed TVL178 form it was apparent that the goon's record of events is at odds with those remembered by Nadz's wife.

According to the completed TVL178 form, Nadz's wife admitted to having a colour TV set, with Freeview, which had an aerial connected and was in currently use.

Nadz has confirmed that there is no Freeview box or TV aerial at the property. As the goon was refused entry, TV Licensing has no substantive evidence to suggest anything different. As the TVL178 went unsigned TV Licensing can't even claim that Nadz's wife agreed with the (apparently inaccurate) information recorded thereon. 

According to Nadz, he does have a TV set connected to his computer. This is only used to watch non-live catch-up programmes, which would not legally require a TV licence.

Given the circumstances Nadz's wife pleaded not guilty when she attended Reading Magistrates' earlier today.

A trial has been set for December and we'll be following the progress of this case very closely.

Edit (12/12/15): Another victory for the legally-licence-free, as TV Licensing decide to withdraw the prosecution against Nabz's wife.

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Mister Cis said...

The signature on the TVL178 looks like R C McTwat. Is that some sort of Goon joke?

Admin said...

Thanks for your comment Chris, which you were probably expecting to appear here.
Whilst I totally agree with the sentiments expressed, it sailed a bit close to the wind for my liking.
Let's just say wheels are in motion and I'm sure TVL will face probing questions.

Chris said...

No problem, I fully understand, that's great news and I look forward to the outcome.