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Monday, 19 October 2015

Teesside TV Licensing Goon Named and Shamed

It has been a while, but we're now in a position to identify one of Teesside's most prolific TV Licensing enforcers.

Failed businessman turned goon Neal Nevison, 50, hails from the Acklam suburb of Middlesbrough.

He works within an area dubbed the Durham Tees Valley triangle, where several TV Licensing goons have been caught telling bare-faced lies and making up the rules as they go along.

Nevison first shot to fame when he conducted a visit to Mick Oldfield's Hartlepool home. Court observations reveal that a significant proportion of Teesside's TV Licensing prosecutions are directly attributable to Nevison's evidence. This has made him a figure of some interest.

He was instrumental in TV Licensing's application for a warrant to search Mick's home - a search conducted under very dubious circumstances, which yielded no evidence whatsoever of unlicensed TV reception.

Nevison's visit to Mick's property on 11th September 2013 was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. A heavily edited account of that visit (e.g. skewed to incriminate an innocent man), based on Nevison's notes from the time, featured in the search warrant Deposition.

Questions are still being raised about that particular episode, so stay tuned for updates soon.

Nevison was captured in a second YouTube video in January 2015.


Syd Floyd said...

From the way this guy conducts himself on doorsteps I had the impression he was maybe ex police or some kind of council official etc

Anonymous said...


Admin said...

Thanks for your comments.
Second Anon, sadly your comment didn't make the cut.
First Anon, we have carefully researched this article and believe it to be accurate. If, however, you can highlight any accidental errors, we will gladly correct them.

Anonymous said...

Big mistake entering into any form of dialogue with these scum.
Say nothing and shut the door.

Col said...

My sympathy levels are pretty low having seen how these TV license vultures operate. They exploit and prey on the vulnerable. They bully anyone without a TV license. I always laugh that the only people who don't think TV licensing is a bunch of third rate jackbooted thugs is TV licensing! Can you tell us any more about Mick's case? You mentioned the search deposition.

Admin said...

Thanks for your comments.
Anon: We totally agree that by far the best option is to ignore TV Licensing entirely. Mick Oldfield made the mistake of engaging with them and was targeted despite having no TV (and their search confirming that fact).
Col: Mick's case is still a work in progress, so we don't want to reveal too much. Suffice to say the Deposition is currently the subject of much scrutiny within HMCTS and the BBC.
What we can say, having read it closely, is that it contains no evidence whatsoever that is directly indicative of unlicensed TV reception. There is no claim that TV programmes were seen or heard. There is no claim that detection was used. The contents of the Deposition are that superficial that serious questions are being asked about how the warrant was granted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the BBC/TVL/Capita are happy to dish it out, but scream blue murder as soon as one of their trashy employees is named. It's not as if Nevison's led a sheltered/anonymous life is it?

Anonymous said...

I think he secretly likes the thrill of publicity and the chase.
"Do you want me to do my hair so you can put me on YouTube?"

Unknown said...

Does anyone have the address of the Capita office in Middlesbrough ? I would like to go down in person and ask Colin Bright a few questions personally.

Admin said...

The "Teesside/Middlesbrough Enforcement Division" only exists in TV Licensing's mind. There is no physical office - only pretence, like most things TV Licensing says.