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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

TV Licensing Goon Accused of Attempted Murder

A Renfrewshire man claims to have been deliberately run over by a TV Licensing goon after a disagreement over paying the TV licence fee.

Under current legislation, a TV licence is needed for any property where equipment is installed or used to receive TV programmes at the same time as they are broadcast. The BBC is responsible for administering and enforcing the TV licence system, which it does under the guise of TV Licensing.

Edward McEwan, 24, explained how two TV Licensing goons, employed by BBC contractor Capita Business Services, had offended his girlfriend Siobhan Black with their cocky line of questioning when they visited his Port Glasgow property last week.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun (subscription required), Mr McEwan said: "I went to confront the guy as he was getting into the car, but he started revving up.

"He put his foot down and hit me. I was thrown onto the bonnet and had to jump off."

Immediately after the incident Mr McEwan, who works as a roofer, jumped into his work van and gave chase down the street. 

In a perverse twist to the story, it was the fleeing TV Licensing goons that called the police and reported Mr McEwan for acting aggressively towards them. According to Police Scotland, the procurator fiscal is currently considering the matter.

Last night Mr McEwan was still furious about the incident.

"I couldn’t believe it. I want him done for attempted murder", he concluded.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've heard allegations of TV Licensing goons using their vehicles as a weapons and then running to the police with tall tales afterwards.

If Edward McEwan, or anyone who knows him, is reading this article, then we'd appreciate if they got in touch with us.

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