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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Savile Abuse Victim: BBC Security Led Me Back to Sex Fiend's Dressing Room

The BBC has paid £15,000 to a fan who was sexually abused in the dressing room of resident paedophile Jimmy Savile.

The 54-year-old man, named only as Robert by the Sunday Express, had written a letter to Savile's popular Jim'll Fix It show. But instead of his dream meeting with Abba and Boney M, the vulnerable teenager was sexually abused by associates of the disgraced star.

Robert had been invited to London by Savile, who had sent him money to cover the cost of the journey from Northern Ireland.

The BBC initially denied any responsibility for Robert's abuse, claiming that he was ineligible for compensation as he was not directly abused by Savile.

However, it has now acknowledged that there was the potential for a finding of negligence, so it has paid £15,000 in settlement. Robert has already given evidence to the Dame Janet Smith Review and will receive the payment once the final report has been published.

Robert told the Express: "When I arrived I was shown to his room at Television Centre and met him and there were other small children present.

"I ran out and tried to get help and asked the security men at reception to help but an assistant of Savile’s turned up and took me back to his room with security. I had been so used to being sexually abused I knew what was to come. A man in his 40s or early 50s joined us, sat behind me and said he would be taking care of me."

Robert recounted how the man, called Brian, had began sexually abusing him and later took him to an exclusive club in Central London.

"At (the club) Brian abused me and a much smaller boy aged between seven and nine who looked very poorly and thin and was also being abused by a very obese man", he continued.

He explained how he awoke the following morning lying face to face with the smaller child, but has no recollection of what happened after leaving the club.

Robert said: "Savile came in, and took the other boy away and said I should hurry up to have breakfast. I had breakfast and Savile made me a lunch box."

In correspondence with Robert's lawyer, the BBC has maintained its position that his claim falls outside the Savile compensation scheme

A BBC spokesman said: "The terms of the scheme were agreed with lawyers for the victims, as well as the NHS and the Savile estate.

"The BBC has made a financial provision to deal with these claims, as it does for any potential claims arising from litigation. We will not discuss individual cases."

The way the BBC has attempted to wash its hands of Robert's case is nothing short of sickening. He was abused in a BBC dressing room by people invited by disgraced BBC employee Savile.

In our opinion that makes the BBC absolutely culpable.


Ray Turner said...

So how many annual licence fees is £15,000 and how many more 'settlements' are still to come...?

Anonymous said...

lol 100 licence fees, what next. glad i stopped paying for this rubbish.

TheKnightsShield said...

"Robert has already given evidence to the Dame Janet Smith Review and will receive the payment once the final report has been published."

And when is that going to be exactly? Isn't the BBC trying to supress the report, therefor blocking these payments to the victims?