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Friday, 7 August 2015

"Sick" BBC DJ Kershaw Compares Cilla Tributes to Savile

BBC 6 Music presenter Liz Kershaw, who is no stranger to controversy, has again stuck her vacant head above the parapet by comparing touching tributes left for Cilla Black to those left for paedophile Jimmy Savile.

The piggy-nosed presenter, who has offended a lot of people over the years, made the insensitive remarks to her massed audience of Twitter followers.

Kershaw wrote: "When Savile died I was aghast and disgusted at celebs who knew him, yet trotted out tributes for their own publicity.

"Here we go again. Seems free speech has died… Cilla loved Liverpool so much she lived in Surrey and Spain."

The 57-year-old DJ also suggested people should donate to charity instead of buying Cilla's records.

An angry member of the public, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Daily Star: "I know Liz has spent her whole career being mouthy and having controversial views about stuff.

"But this felt just one step too far. Comparing Cilla to Jimmy Savile is just sick."

Indeed it appears Kershaw was so aghast at Jimmy Savile's antics, which she has previously described as "an open secret", that she happily performed her own tribute to the disgraced star when working as the Breakfast Show presenter on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. 

A picture of the Liz'll Fix It roadshow is shown above.


Anonymous said...

"Cilla loved Liverpool so much she lived in Surrey and Spain."

Well, that fact is true. As soon as she had the chance she got the hell out of Liverpool as fast as she could....

It's like when you hear Sean Connery speaking of how he "loves" is native wee bonny Scotland....yet he lives in the Bahamas for "tax reasons".

Fact is, she didn't have that much talent, her TV programs were aimed at the lowest denominator and her singing was bloody awful!

And let's not forget, Cilla Black worked for the BBC for many years. Are we to believe that she wouldn't have known about some of the unsavoury things that went on?

Come on people, start taking your heads out of your arses and start looking at this properly.

Anonymous said...

The piggy nosed bird brained retard needs to shut her mouth. Cilla black's death has nothing to do with paedo necrophiliac and abuser So-Vile. It's a separate issue. Using Cilla's death to scam money out of the public to make CEO's rich is typical of mind controlled puppets of the Khurdish inbred Pharisees.