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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Savile Investigation Journalists Forced Out By BBC Bosses

Journalists will be afraid to speak out about the next BBC scandal, according to the producer pilloried by bosses over his exposé of sex fiend Jimmy Savile.

Meirion Jones. former Head of Investigations on the BBC's flagship Newsnight programme, recently left the Corporation after 26 years of distinguished service.

He spearheaded the team that first investigated allegations that Savile was one of the most prolific sex offenders of the twentieth century. That Newsnight investigation, back in December 2011, was surrepticiously airbrushed from the schedules by BBC bosses.

The story later gathered momentum when award-winning freelance journalist Miles Goslett took up the story in The Oldie magazine a few months later.

A joint NSPCC/Metropolitan Police report, Giving Victims a Voice, has subsequently accused Top of the Pops presenter Savile of committing at least 23 sex crimes on BBC premises.

Speaking for the first time since leaving the BBC, Jones candidly explained to Press Gazette how BBC bosses made life increasingly difficult after his team's investigation into Savile.

According to Jones a small number of powerful BBC bosses saw journalists working on the Savile story as traitors and made it quite clear that their careers would be on hold.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, they are in talks at the moment on weather to extend the tv licence to cover catch up tv too. If this happens, won't that include amazon prime, netflix and you tube, itv, ch4 ch5 etc.
I don't feel like joining any other on line sites at the moment because of this uncertanty.
Hate this situation and the mafia type of blackmail.

Admin said...

What you're effectively asking is "are private companies like Amazon/Netflix/NOW TV going to allow the Government to impose a new form of taxation on their output?"

I think that's pretty unlikely. Any "extension" of the licence fee will be in the form of a precept/subscription for the BBC's on demand content. Such a charge couldn't reasonably be inflicted on any other broadcaster or private company.

Anonymous said...

"I think thats pretty unlikly", does not cover my concern, they already cover c4, c5 and itv. why not the rest, if it was that clear cut then why dont ch4 and ch5 challenge this policy?

Unknown said...

A small number of powerful BBC bosses saw journalists working on the Savile story as traitors and made it quite clear that their careers would be on hold Mmmmmm
There should a investigation into those powerful BBC bosses