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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Northern Irish TV Licensing Goon With Attitude

New video footage has emerged of a bald-headed TV Licensing goon peddling his immoral wares around the streets of Newry, Northern Ireland.

The video, which was first shared by the Active Resistance to the TV Licence Facebook group, shows the goon conducting enquiries at a legally-licence-free property. The cocky goon says "I was waiting for that, so I was" when the occupier returned to the door with camera in hand.

The goon, who drives a silver Rover 75 saloon (registration SV06 GBO), then tried to deflect the possibility of the video being published by reading out the occupier's name and address to the camera. He also threatened the occupier with the police if the footage was published on the web. Quite what he thinks the police are going to do remains a mystery. It is perfectly legal for anyone to film anyone else in a public place and they do not require that person's permission or approval. The video, which was filmed on the public street, clearly shows the neutrality of the encounter - no raised voices, threats or aggression whatsoever.

Maybe he can try and set the police up with a TV licence, so he hasn't totally wasted their time?!

Filming goons is fun, but there is a risk that TV Licensing will heighten its interest in the property in question. For that reason we suggest ignoring TV Licensing is a slightly safer option, unless someone is actively seeking confrontation.


Götter Dämmerung said...

At last someone speaks common sense regarding the filmning of doorstep encounters with Capita employees!

Some groups such as the TVLR forum actively encourage people to film these encounters and upload them onto YouTube, which whilst invaluable as an education tool for exposing the working methods of Capita/TV Licensing can cause unwanted attention for the homeowner as Capita have been know to be spiteful dicks.

My advice would be to only film the encounter if you are feeling threatened in any way then hold onto the footage for at least six months after the visit before uploading it to onto YouTube if you wish.

Really the best advice for the Legally Licence Free is to ignore Capita/TV Licensing altogether as the minute you engage with them they have you on the backfoot.

Anonymous said...

What can they do if you film them, I thought they were powerless? I hope that someone will send copies of goon videos to major non BBC news networks and possibly try and get a celebrity other than Noel Edmonds, Cliff Richard or George Galloway on board to really get the resistance movement into the millions.

Admin said...

It is perfectly legal to film TV Licensing goons visiting your home or in a public place, so they can't do anything about that.

What they can do - and we know they sometimes do - is embellish the facts to make it sound like they were threatened/abused during the visit. The footage acts as security against any vexatious counter-allegations like that.

We have also heard about one TV Licensing goon, pretty well known, who "allegedly" (but we don't doubt the story given what we know about the goon in question) walked into the side of the legal occupier's car and then pursued him through the courts on assault charges.

A significant proportion of TV Licensing goons are lying, dishonest scum - be under no illusion about that.