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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

BBC Sex Abuse Inquiry Being Published Soon

The BBC's own investigation into historic child sex abuse allegations is due for publication soon, according to its author.

Dame Janet Smith, a former High Court Judge, is currently in the final stages of preparing her report, which should be published by the end of May 2015.

The Dame Janet Smith Review was established in October 2012, shortly after former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile was unmasked as one of the most prolific child sex offenders of the twentieth century.

An earlier Metropolitan Police and NSPCC report claimed that Savile committed at least 23 sex crimes on BBC premises, but Dame Janet's report is expected to reveal that the true number of Savile's victims is many times greater.

In June 2013 the remit of the Review was broadened to include an investigation into the conduct of former BBC Radio 5 Live sports presenter Stuart Hall.

In April 2013 Hall, the face of 1970s game show It's a Knock Out, was convicted of 13 counts of indecent assault against children and jailed for 30 months. In May 2014 he was convicted of two further counts of indecent assault and jailed for an additional 30 months.

It expected that the £7m Review, which has interviewed almost 500 witnesses and taken 3 years to complete, will reveal a culture of ignorance and blind-eye turning at the highest levels of the BBC. The BBC's indifference to Savile's antics allowed him to continue his sexual predation largely unchallenged.

If it's anything like The Shipman Inquiry, we can be sure that Dame Janet has scrutinised Savile and Hall's antics in the most minute of detail. She will have left no stone unturned and will spare no punches when it comes to her condemnation of flawed BBC practices.

There'll be fireworks and rolling heads, mark our words.


TheKnightsShield said...

And whatever the outcome, you can bet that the BBC will still want to change the way they charge Joe Public for their "services". I really hope there'll be fireworks and rolling heads, I really do. The BBC have had more chances than I care to count and they keep letting this nonsense go on. Heads better roll!! [Insert evil "grin" here] Whatever happens, I look forward to reading about it here. :)

Anonymous said...

When it is published, I will read it cover to cover.

Reading such ordure will be a desperately grim affair, but I must force myself in this case.

I will then launch a merciless assault against the BBC and all its works till the evil organisation is closed.