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Saturday, 14 March 2015

BBC Denies Anonymous Involvement in Website Crash

The BBC website crashed earlier today.

For more than an hour web users were unable to access most parts of the site, including the popular news and sport pages.

The incident followed a threat by global hacktivist group Anonymous to "bring the website down" in protest at the suspension of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson was suspended from the hit motoring series after what the BBC described as "a fracas" between him and producer Oisin Tymon last week. 

The 54-year-old presenter is alleged to have thrown a punch at Tymon in a disagreement over dinner at the luxury Simonstone Hall hotel in Hawes, North Yorkshire.

Other guests have now claimed that Clarkson's expletive-laden tirade, which occurred in full public gaze, lasted for more than half an hour.

It is claimed that Clarkson's helicopter arrived late at the hotel, because he and co-stars had been "boozing heavily" after filming a segment for the next series of the BBC Two programme. 

By the time they arrived at the hotel the chef had already left for the evening, which meant Clarkson was unable to have the £23.95 steak and fondant potatoes for dinner.

Reports in several newspapers are in broad agreement: Clarkson blamed Tymon for the lack of dinner and there was some physical contact between the pair.

The Mirror has gone further by suggesting that Clarkson called Tymon a "lazy Irish cunt", split his lip and left him needing a trip to A&E.

Lawyers at multinational firm Slater and Gordon are understood to be advising Tymon in relation to the incident. A representative of the firm would not be drawn on the exact details of the case, or whether Tymon planned legal action against either Clarkson or the BBC. Given the nature of Clarkson's alleged outburst, it is understood that action could be taken on the grounds of racial discrimination as well as assault.

Ken McQuarrie, the Director of BBC Scotland, has been given the messy job of investigating the incident.

Web users first reported difficulties accessing the site at around 12:30 pm and full service wasn't restored until just before 2 pm.

The website attracts more than 3 million unique visitors every day.

A BBC spokesman denied any Anonymous involvement, saying: "It was due to an internal system failure, which can happen when we are experiencing too much traffic or if there is an issue with our servers."


Götter Dämmerung said...

Apologies in advance to the admin of this blog but I cannot understand why the owner of this blog is giving acres of space to the ongoing "Jezza" saga but hasn't reported the recent developments regarding the recommendations of the Select Committee for Culture Media and Sport who are proposing to agree with Tony Hall that Catch Up services be included within the licence fee in other words making it illegal to use them unless you hold a valid TV Licence "as soon as possible." Or the possible introduction of a "Universal Levy" payable by everyone irrespective of if you watch or record live services or not.

Surely that story is more relevant to the LLF household who do not fund the BBC or Jezza than the outcome of Jezzas "fracas" regarding his steak and spuds?

Admin said...

Hello Götter Dämmerung.

Apologies if it appears there is a lot of Jezza talk recently. That story just happened to coincide with my availability to write an article.

When the CMS Committee reported its findings on the future of the BBC, I was unable to write about it because I was busy with other things.

Götter Dämmerung said...

Hi Admin thanks for the reply.

My personal view as a LLF householder is it is of no concern or interest to me how the BBC wishes to squander its licence fee payers cash. The Jezza saga and other stories like it only reinforce in my mind that I made the right decision in cancelling my licence.

Please don't take my comment as a criticism as I respect the personal free time you give to your website.

Unfortunately I think the nation has grown tired of hearing this story the details of which belong in the pages of "Heat" or "OK!" magazine IMHO.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the BBC is hoping that Tymon will take action, as that would give them the leverage that they need to sack Clarkson. On the other hand, comparing Clarkson to Saville may have given Clarkson the libel suit of the century ...