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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Update: TV Licensing Won't Prosecute Foreign Student

TV Licensing has decided not to prosecute a foreign student, who complained to the police about the threatening and dishonest interview technique used by the goon.

You might remember that our reader Sera wrote to us explaining how her flatmate had been duped into signing one of TV Licensing's infamous TVL178 Record of Interview forms.

To briefly recap, the goon had arrived at the shared student property and told them that they had been watching TV without a licence and needed to pay the £145.50 fee immediately. 

The students, who hadn't even installed a TV receiver in the fortnight they had been in occupation, rightly stuck to their guns and refused to pay. Sera told us: "He wanted to inspect the property, but we refused because his attitude was bad and he seemed very shady".

Eventually, having been bamboozled by questions, the students were keen to get the goon out of the property. In an effort to hasten the goon's departure, Sera's flatmate signed his paperwork in the mistaken belief it was a simple survey. 

They now realise that the goon's survey was actually the TVL178 form, which they have now had the opportunity to inspect more closely. Sera continued: "Looking back at the form, it contains incorrect information. The TV Licensing man did not tell us he was interviewing us under caution or that the form could later be used in court".

This morning Sera has sent us another email explaining how she has just learnt that TV Licensing has decided not to pursue any charges against her flatmate.

Her flatmate got in touch with the police shortly after the goon's visit, but the police incorrectly refused to accept a complaint over the phone because "it is not a police matter, it's a civil matter". Quite how allegations of perverting the course of justice can be a civil matter remains unclear, but the police's ignorance of the law is only to be expected.

Her flatmate phoned the police again the following day and eventually, after much to-ing and fro-ing, managed to get a reference number for the incident. The logic was that if the matter did get as far as court, at least the complaint would be on file.

The next working day her flatmate contacted TV Licensing, but got no further forward as it had not yet received the completed TVL178 from the goon in question.

About a week later a subsequent phone call was made to TV Licensing, in which it was stated that the police had been contacted about the behaviour of the goon in question.

A few weeks after that a letter arrived from TV Licensing stating that it would not be taking any further action.

Much as we approve of TV Licensing's decision not prosecute, it does mean there will be no closer legal scrutiny of the incident in question. We have previously commented on TV Licensing's strategy of pulling the plug whenever questions are raised about the quality of its evidence or integrity of its employees.

TV Licensing is unlikely to investigate this matter any further. It will likely be filed in the drawer labelled "disgruntled evaders who make complaints and escape prosecution". That's the suspicious mindset of the BBC's militant revenue generation arm.

Still, at least Sera's flatmate is in the clear.


Anonymous said...

So effectively Sera flatmate is going to roll over and let this be? Great big fat mammoths bollocks to that. Now that she has the Police ref number, she should pursue this matter in the courts.

If you are still in contact with this person, please tell them to grow a pair and go after TV Licensing etc because that is the only way justice will prevail.

Chris said...

Agreed. Sick of Capita bringing vexatious action against legally license free individuals, and then dropping it when it gets too hot to handle. They've started something, they should be forced to see it through and air all their dirty laundy in the process. If nothing else they are due compensation.

Anonymous said...

The police claims is a civil mater... but they are more then happy to assist the goons if a warrant is issued!