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This blog is to highlight the unjust persecution of legitimate non-TV users at the hands of TV Licensing. These people do not require a licence and are entitled to live without the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by TV Licensing's correspondence and employees.

If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Yellow-Bellied TV Licensing Goon: Too Scared to Knock

A cowardly TV Licensing goon was so worried about knocking on the door of a legally-licence-free property that he crept up the garden path and discreetly left a calling card instead.

Video footage shows how the goon, bizarrely wearing a high-visibility vest, opens the garden gate with his handheld device in one hand and completed calling card in the other. He made no attempt whatsoever to knock at the door, choosing instead to push the calling card straight through the letterbox. The entire visit, which happened at 8.10 am this morning, was completed within 15 seconds.

Sadly the video is not clear enough to identify the goon in question, as the low light levels and rain droplets obscured the camera's view. The goon identified himself as "Young" on the card, which is shown below.

The goon's unusual behaviour may be explained by the fact that a previous TV Licensing visit to the property was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. On that occasion the goon, who was noticeably perspiring, broke TV Licensing rules by petulantly threatening the occupier with a search warrant.

A TV licence is only required for those properties where equipment is installed or used to receive TV programmes. Anyone who doesn't need a TV licence is under no legal obligation whatsoever to communicate or co-operate with TV Licensing.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience this is normal (wrong word, I know) behaviour for the BBC/TV Licensing. I have received their "We said we'll call" hand delivered cards when I've been at home - no knock on the door or ring of the bell or anything.

It's just part of their campaign of intimidation of law-abiding people, which can be safely ignored.

Best regards,

Chris said...

I think they get paid a small commission for leaving these cards too. Might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I know this is not related directly , but the lying scum have been mouthing off again . This time in the Manchester Evening News. Normally just a poor rag used to support a criminally incompetent police force , at the moment though they are offering the ten worst reasons for not submitting to BBc extortion methods hope it give you all a good laugh, as I believe it highlights their desperation.I would like to add that this scandal rag has been very quiet over the Saville affair because it has to be ,Work it out youself

Fred Bear said...

I think, Chris, they only get commission if the card results in a TV Licence sale. If they got commission simply for leaving a card, they'd be carrying sacks of them.

BTW there's a clear sense of unease at the BBC regarding the future of the TV Licence - check out John Simpson's piece in this week's New Statesman - especially the second half of the article.