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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

TV Licensing: We're Giving You 10 Days to Get Correctly Licensed

That's the menacing statement printed in bold lettering at the top of TV Licensing's most recent threatogram.

In all likelihood anyone receiving this threatogram resides in a correctly unlicensed property already. That's according to the BBC's own figures, which state that more than 4 out of 5 unlicensed addresses are correctly unlicensed.

Despite that unequivocal fact, TV Licensing still churns out more than 100,000 threatening reminder letters every single working day. Of those 100,000 letters, each costing around 18.4 pence for postage alone (2012 figures), more than 80,000 of them are destined for properties where no TV licence is needed. That's at least £20,000 going straight down the drain every single working day.

The "10 days letter", which came onto the scene a few months ago, has attracted widespread consternation from our readers. In common with most TV Licensing threatograms, it barely acknowledges the fact that the recipient might not need a TV licence. In common with all TV Licensing letters, the threatening manner and legally-deceptive wording has been approved by a senior BBC manager.

The letter reads as follows:
Dear Sir or Madam,

There is no record of a TV Licence at this address. This means you are breaking the law if you are watching or recording programmes as they're being shown on TV, on any device.

We will not visit you for 10 days, but you must get correctly licensed.
We know how difficult it is to pay the bills at the moment. That's why we're giving you until [date] to get correctly licensed. Our investigation of your address has been put on hold, and we will not send an Enforcement Officer to your address during this time.

Call us on 0300 790 6156 by [date].
One of our specialist advisors will help check if you need a TV Licence. If you do, they'll help you find the best way to spread the cost. For example, our payment card lets you pay from £5.60 a week at any PayPoint. You can also pay by Direct Debit, or apply for a free licence if you're 75 or over.

If you think you don't need a licence, you should tell us in the next 10 days so we can update our records.

What happens if you decide to do nothing.
If you don't contact us by [date], we will then start a full investigation of your address. Please turn over for more information.

Yours faithfully,

[Imaginary Signature]
Imaginary Person
[Location] Enforcement Manager
So what happens, we hear you ask, if a person ignores the threats and fails to respond within 10 days? Absolutely nothing is the answer. The letters will continue to arrive every month; perhaps a TV Licensing goon with very few rights will attempt to visit; and then the cycle will eventually restart all over again.

Even if a person decides to humour TV Licensing by getting in touch, it will probably be a wasted effort. A quick glance at TV Licensing's Twitter feed aptly demonstrates how it continues to harass legitimate non-viewers, even after being informed about their no-TV status.

A TV licence is only needed for those properties where equipment is used to receive TV programme services. Anyone who doesn't need a TV licence, is under no legal obligation at all to communicate or co-operate with TV Licensing - they certainly don't need to "get correctly licensed" as the letter dishonestly states.

We strongly recommend non-viewers ignore TV Licensing entirely: simply keep quiet, bin its threatograms and leave its employees out in the cold. Most people who fall foul of TV Licensing have made the mistake of saying the wrong thing, thus incriminating them self. Totally blanking TV Licensing and saying nothing is by far the most effective approach.

Communicating with TV Licensing is a totally futile effort, so it's better to spend your time in more productive ways (like reading our free ebook).


Fred Bear said...

I've had dozens of letters from TVL but not that one yet. When it comes it'll go straight into the recycling bin.

Chris said...

andI don't get letters after telling them not to write to me or I will treat it as harassment and open legal action against them. If I ever get on of these disgusting efforts I will be pleased to use it to pursue full damages.

bob said...

This sinister letter is also self-contradictory as it state that an investigation has been put on hold for ten days, then at the end it says they bill BEGIN one! Proves it's all BBC-sh!t

TheKnightsShield said...

Where are the letters and visits from the licensing authority for firearms? Are we to assume that they are also giving us a certain amount of time to get properly licenced for the firearms we MAY or may NOT have?! When was the last time you even saw an advert on tv (if you watch it) or saw a billboard stating that "not having a firearms licence is against the law"?!

Guns are FAR MORE dangerous (in the wrong hands) than tvs, so where are the monthly threatening letters telling us that we need a licence if we use a gun and the visits to confirm whether we need a licence or not?! Never had one of that variety before, have you??

admin said...

Just seen another of these letters with the signatory as Colin Bright, who is purportedly the "Enforcement Manager" of the "Newcastle Enforcement Division". Knowing the dishonest way TV Licensing operates he's probably also the "Enforcement Manager" of the "Western Isles Enforcement Division".

TV Licensing goon Colin Bright: You're now officially on our watch list.

P Delaney. Ilford said...

I received such a letter, so I went online to the licensing authority, and discovered that entering a plea of not having a telly is just not an option available to customers.

It seems that only way these bastages will leave you alone, is to get a licence, even if you don't need one!

Redcoat-Mic said...

Colin Bright is also the "Sheffield Enforcement Officer" as well.

Big portfolio...

Bloodyminded Pete said...

@P Delaney
You aren't a customer of Capita?TV Licensing so ignore it. Don't even acknowledge their existence - ignore them. I've been LLF for eight years and TVL have learned not to bother me.

Anonymous said...

Colin Bright is also the Leeds Enforcement Manager.

Sounds like he is a very busy person!

Fred Bear said...

If you want to see the latest charming letters from the BBC (including what looks like the follow-up to the 10 day countdown), then have a look at this information supplied at the FOI website Whatdotheyknow.com


Anonymous said...

Colin Brigt is Hull Enforcement Manager also!uchsco WAS

Anonymous said...

I live in London. Just got one of these letters through the door signed by a Steve Latham, Bromley chapter...

Anonymous said...

I've had loads of letters before and one of those today and I binned it just like the others. I actually have a TV and a Freeview box which are not connected and plugged off. I really enjoy my life without TV and all it's propaganda and brain washing shite.

I wouldn't pay a penny towards the bbc's billionaires executives, presenters and staff and paedophiles.

SOD THEM ALL. I am less stressed and enjoy my peace.

Anonymous said...

I've had this letter—I get exactly a letter a month from these guys. I have just moved to a new address. At the last address I totally ignored them and after about five years they just gave up—no letters or anything.

But I reiterate—the best strategy is to have no communication with them at all, don't tell then your name. Don't write and withdraw right of access—that just winds them up. Don't tell them you don't have a TV—they'll insist they will come and inspect.

Just have absolutely nothing to do with them—and eventually they'll give up. Simples.

Anonymous said...

hi I receive this letter for the first time. It is exactly like the photo in the post except the signing officer is hallifax enforcement manager.

I was so worried that I might call them saying I do not have TV connected to watch live program.
Should I do so? so can I just ignore like you guys said? I was so worried it was my first time to receive the letter like this :(

Admin said...

It's your call, but why would you want to help an errant organisation with information it is not legally entitled to? Why do their work for them?

In all likelihood, even if you contacted them to "set the record straight" they wouldn't believe you. They'd still want to come and verify the honesty of your claim.

Anonymous said...

OK If you read this because you want to evade paying the licence fee this is not for you, I have not had a TV for 5 years and never watch live stream on any device I own but still the powers that be continue to harass by mail and notes through my door demanding access. Never ever give your details, never let them in even if they have a warrant refuse to consent to it its only an act not law, they will turn up with the police but they are there to stop a breach of the peace nothing more. send them all away do not be intimidated they are private company bullies with the same power as a milkman. stay free, safe and strong, keep smiling

Admin said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment Anon, but we must disagree with your stance.
In the extremely unlikely event that TVL do appear with a warrant, then they should be allowed access. To deny them access runs the serious risk of obstruction charges, which result in a more severe penalty than LF evasion alone.
Whether you like it or not, the courts do not subscribe to your legal logic.
Nor do we.

Anonymous said...

When I receive mine it will go in the bin. The BBC are degenerate scum. It's about time these lying fraudsters were put out of business. Let them self fund through adverts. People should not be paying to receive propaganda, common purpose clap trap from paedophile protecting low-lives who support the genocide of Palestinians. We were not born to be manipulated and scammed by a minority group of fraudsters who should all be held to account. They should all be thrown in Jail for extorting money through deception.

susanna frances said...

over the years I have sometimes had and watched the telly at my home and always had a license. and then there have been times when I have had no telly at all but often still bought a license because of the threatening letters. I live on my own and don't like knocks at my front door. at the moment I do not have a telly and do not have a license but I do have some of the threatening letters. I am a private person, I am in my own home and not breaking any laws. I feel I am being assaulted in my own home. the BBC are power mad. and lastly a question. if they do come a knocking. what happens if you are out? only I don't fancy waiting in.

Admin said...

If they do come knocking, but there's no reply, then they should push a "We Said We'd Call" card through the door. Again, this is another tactic to unnerve the occupier and you should not be unduly concerned by it. Simply ignore TV Licensing completely. Be sure not to engage in casual chit-chat with strangers that visit, bin their letters unopened. Very importantly, make sure you're well versed in TV Licensing's sinister and dishonest tactics. Some TV Licensing goons have no compunction at all when it comes to setting up innocent people. Our free ebook would be a good place to start.

susanna frances said...

dear admin. thank you x. I will down load your booklet and ensure my local library are aware of it so that they may help others. I have quite a few friends who don't watch telly at all. one couple I know invited the goons in to their home and wouldn't let them leave until they had searched the loft! the tv licence is way out of date. I wrote to my mp about it a year or so ago. we didn't appear to share the same opinion. but he had read my letter and taken the time to reply. and I do write to him quite a lot really. and to end on a bright note. the last goon that knocked on my front door was reported to the police as a suspicious caller. when he knocked i asked who was there, he said tv licencing and he didn't have any id. and I said not today thank you. he started to say something and I just asked if he would be able to find his way out of the building on his own? he then mumbled something. and I carried on with what ever it was I was doing. game, set and match!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Admin RE: "Mr. Colin Bright". Unless this authoritative figure has moved residency in the last two years, Colin Bright also is purported to be the Enforcement Manager of Leeds too. Quite the workaholic...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tracked down this Colin blight oops I mean Bright? He is also the enforcement manager for Middlesbrough, I think we need to track him down and forward all letters to hos address.... Just a thought. However I have a feeling he does not exist.... Hmmm

Royboy said...

Colin Bright must be shattered! He is the Enforcement Manager for Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds,Sheffield and Hull to my knowledge!

Clearly he is not very bright is he? I would put money on the fact that he does not exist!

I have told licencing i have moved and yet they still pursue me despite the fact in March 2016 they confirmed in writing that id DO NOT NEED A TV LICENCE!!!

Causing, Harassment, Alarm and Distress is a criminal offence!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Same colin or coincidence?

Unknown said...

Gone through all that... all threats and no attempt to simply ask if I need a license with an SAE... a bit of politeness would gain far more cooperation but guilty until proven innocent seems to be the attitude.
Sent the last letter back... Deceased, plesse return to sender... see if that makes them think... if they have any neurones to do that.