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Thursday, 28 August 2014

TV Licensing Telephone Enquiries: Speaking to a Person

Despite the breadth of TV Licensing information available on the web there are some people who would rather call TV Licensing and speak to a person.

TV Licensing is a trading name used by the companies contracted by the BBC to undertake TV licence enforcement and administration work. The contractor responsible for call handling is Capita Business Services Ltd. Calls to TV Licensing's 0300 790 6131 number, which can also be used for goon fishing reports, cost the same as calls to a standard geographic number.

Anyone calling TV Licensing for "assistance" faces a baffling array of 71 options spread over 7 different menus. Depending on the nature of their enquiry that could mean a caller faces almost two minutes of irritating menu options before being connected in the right direction. In all likelihood they will then have to wait even longer for a call handler to become available.

Full details of all the menu options can be viewed on the Please Press 1 website, but we will summarise the most important information below.

The quickest way of speaking to a TV Licensing call handler is the following:
  • Call 0300 790 6131.
  • Listen to the 30 second welcome message (tortuous, but you can't do anything else at this stage).
  • As soon as the voice begins to read out the first menu options press 5.
  • As soon as the voice begins to read out the second menu options press 5.
  • As soon as the voice begins to read out the third menu options press 3.
  • As soon as the voice begins to read out the fourth menu options press 2.
  • Your call will then be connected to a person who will attempt, probably very poorly, to answer your specific TV Licensing questions.
By anticipating the menu options in this manner you can avoid almost two minutes worth of TV Licensing claptrap and save almost two minutes worth of call charges.


Ray Turner said...

Very useful, thanks.
And I love the graphic...!

TheKnightsShield said...

Press 5, press 5 (again), press 3 and then press 2?! Seriously?! I have better things to do with my time than pressing numbers to speak to a robotic monkey!! I'd rather watch paint dry, the good thing is, you don't need a licence for that [yet].

The most annoying thing about call centres is that even when you get through to someone after listening to classical music for a lifetime, is that some of these people are so incompetent, that you end up listening to more classical music while you're beong passed on to the next person because the first one doesn't have a clue how to do their job. Isn't the world of information a wonderful thing?! :(

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried it with TV Licensing but when phoning a helpline, I usually press the '*' or '#' key each time a new menu is presented. This gets me through to an operator within a few seconds.

Anonymous said...

Cheers. This saved me hurling things at other things in frustration.

Anonymous said...

They don't even pick up the phone at the end just says to try again later and hangs up...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! That has saved many hours of frustration and writing letters that have then been ignored. Got through and had only a two minute wait. The lady I spoke to was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

it as taken me ages to get through, eventually i get a message saying thanks for calling tv licencing blare blare then at the end of the message i get cut off, they should be called Crapita in my opinion!

lelboy said...

Thank you very much!Saved a load of buggering about!

lelboy said...

Thanks - saved so much time and frustration!

Lisa said...

I just called now - 2 years after you wrote this post - and one of the menus has changed slightly.

On the first menu you need to press option 4, not option 5.

The rest is still the same.

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

I found a quicker way to get through the menu. Listen to the 30:sec recorded message. Then when it asks for your tv licence no verbally scream, grunt or make a weird noise of fustration in the phone. As long as it's not an actual word. It automatically puts your through to an agent. Well the waiting to be answered line anyway. I was answered after really quickly. I discovered this after calling three times. Being put on automated for four minutes at least each time. And getting frustrated with automated menu hell eating my minutes. It works for some other automated calls as well, try it.

Antony Smith said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this. I spent several tedious hours of my day trying to solve an issue that has raised it's head over the parapet, I had googled TV Licencing, the number led to continuous recorded messages and options to choose, all leading to automatic/generic messages. This morning whilst supping my second mug of coffee, and mulling over the issue of how to actually speak to someone, I had the brilliant idea of googling "How do I actually manage to speak to someone at TV Licencing ?".... by following your step by step instructions, I got through to a "real person" and the matter has been resolved..... RELAX :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Very helpful.

Unknown said...

It doesn't work anymore. There is no 2nd option for 5. Just 1 and 2

Mark Dawson said...

Yes, doesn't work anymore, but I enjoyed reading the previous comments, lowers the stress levels a bit when all you want to do is tell someone that you've actually sold the property which they keep pestering you about