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Friday, 25 July 2014

BBC TV Licensing Annual Review 2013/14

The BBC has just published its TV Licensing Annual Review 2013/14.

TV Licensing is a trade mark used by the companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection of TV licence fees and enforcement of the TV licence system. The BBC, as the statutory Television Licensing Authority, retains overall responsibility for all aspects of the TV Licensing operation, which includes the despicable way it terrorises legitimate non-TV viewers in their homes.

The 15-page Annual Review is a clear attempt to promote the BBC's misguided belief that TV Licensing delivers an efficient and cost-effective service to licence-fee-payers. 

In particular, the BBC asserts that complaints about TV Licensing have fallen 10 % over the past year, the cost of collecting the licence-fee stands at an all time low of 2.7 pence in the pound and the evasion rate stands at an all time low of 5-6 %. The BBC also claims that TV Licensing PR campaigns, like that recently targeted at campers and caravanners, have reached out to 82 % of the population. 

In the last year the BBC's TV Licensing "policy team", whatever that is, responded to an average of 17 Freedom of Information requests per month, most of which were from people like us. In our experience, which is not highlighted in the Annual Review, they failed to respond to a similar number. Almost 72 % of TV licence holders pay by Direct Debit and we're willing to bet that most of those don't realise that it actually costs them more to pay by that method.

If you'd like to read the BBC's TV Licensing Annual Review 2013/14 you can download it here.

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1 comment:

Ray Turner said...

As you say, these are clearly some very convenient statistics that tell the story that Aunties PR people want us to hear...