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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

TV Licensing Intimidation: Baldy and Beardy Named and Shamed

The above TV Licensing bottom dwellers were rude and aggressive during the execution of two separate search warrants in the Durham/Teesside area back in December 2013.

We can now put confirmed names to both their faces. Baldy goon is called Terry Docherty and Beardy goon is called Burgess Nasr.

Their earlier activities can be seen in these two posts:

Not pretty viewing or reading.

TV Licensing has now decided to proceed against the occupier of the Hartlepool property searched by these two miscreants on 19th December 2013. He has been summoned to attend Teesside Magistrates' Court on obstruction charges at the end of June. As no television receiver was found during the search, it would appear that TV Licensing has very sensibly decided not to pursue any charges of licence fee evasion. Perhaps they didn't want Baldy questioned about why he'd tried to misquote the occupier during the search?

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Anonymous said...

Burgess Nasr lives in Redcar

admin said...

We know.

Anonymous said...

I got Burgess Nasr on camera, but I ain't reviewed the footage yet ! #guffaws

Anonymous said...

got him on camera