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Sunday, 4 May 2014

More BBC Misinformation

Or should that be disinformation?

Having experienced what we shall politely describe as "BBC information irregularities" on several previous occasions (see here, here and here), we really can't work out if they're deliberately evasive or just plain incompetent. In reality, given several recent high profile cases of the BBC being less than transparent, it's probably a combination of both those factors.

Our latest observation is a fairly trivial discrepancy between what the BBC says and what it means, but it serves as yet another example of how they sometimes release information into the public domain without confirming its accuracy. The BBC finds a way to weasel out of more than half of the information requests it receives, so you'd think they'd invest a bit more time ensuring the accuracy of the few responses they do bother to provide.

Back in July 2013 we asked the BBC to provide some information about TV Licensing's attempts to indoctrinate certain members of the Magistracy with their ideas about TV licence law and enforcement.

In response to that request, the BBC told us the following: "We are providing you below with details of the Magistrates Courts which have received a TV Licensing briefing during the financial year 2012/13 - Ballymena, Stafford, Lisburn, Haverfordwest, Merthyr, Omagh, Strabane".

Towards the end of September 2013 Mr Mark Salter, who is clearly a kindred spirit, asked Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service to provide copies of the Magistrates' Court training materials used by TV Licensing. As well as providing a copy of TV Licensing's presentation, they confirmed the following: "Neither Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates Court nor Stafford Magistrates Court received a 'TV Licensing Briefing' during the financial year 2012/13".

It therefore follows that either the BBC or HMCTS is wrong about which courts received TV Licensing brainwashing sessions in the financial years 2012/13. 

We know who our money's on!


Anonymous said...

"... we really can't work out if they're deliberately evasive or just plain incompetent. In reality ... it's probably a combination of both those factors".

Plain incompetent at being deliberately evasive, then. I'll drink to that!

Mark Salter said...

Even more interesting and something I have only just noticed :-


Someone from on high has obviously complained and the Ministry of Justice have told WDTK.com to "The Ministry of Justice have been in touch with us to say they have reviewed this request and have concluded that they did not have the information which they released"


admin said...

Thanks for your comment Mark.

Did you get the name of the Crapita Court Presenter before they edited it out?

Just we'd be happy to add it to our article and shame him/her about their employment.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm afraid not, but I have followed up with a request to each of the parties possibly involved for details of any part they played in the (non)disclosure and retraction.