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Thursday, 6 February 2014

TV Licensing Threatens Comedian Dom Joly

A few days ago we brought you the farcical tale of how TV Licensing, in a feat of incompetence staggering even by their standards, had harassed the holders of a valid TV licence for the past six months.

Today the twittosphere is abuzz with TV Licensing critical comment by none other than Trigger Happy TV star Dom Joly.

Dom, who has a valid TV licence, is pictured above on the phone to the helpful people at TV Licensing. He tweeted earlier that he was "celebrating the receipt of my twenty-fifth threatening letter from @tvlicensing re going to court over a licence I have already paid for".

A few moments later he followed-up with: "The postage bill at @tvlicensing for stupid, empty threat letters must be what at least half our licence goes on".

He concluded by pouring scorn over TV Licensing's fanciful tales (e.g. dishonesty) about detection equipment: "Do you remember when @tvlicensing had ads pretending to have vans that could "detect" TVs in your house? Laughable..."

If he's not careful Dom is likely to find himself double-underlined in TV Licensing's little black book of YouTube and Twitter antagonists!

TV Licensing replied to Dom asking him to make contact to update his details. Based on their previously abysmal customer service that might not solve the problem!

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Edit (8/2/14): Dom has just posted the following Twitter update:

The BBC/TV Licensing media monitoring harlots must be choking on their coffees! Not that the lazy bastards work on a Saturday.

1 comment:

Wayne Kerr said...

If Virgin Media sent me 25 threatning letters I'd tell them to shove their broadband up their arse and not pay them. When it comes to TVL/BBC it's all oh how terrible they've sent me 25 threatning letters oh well I'll carry on paying them a small fortune!