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Friday, 24 January 2014

Named and Shamed: TV Licensing Goon Behaving Badly

Yesterday we wrote about a suspected TV Licensing goon behaving in an atrocious manner during a routine visit.

During that 2 minute visit the silver-haired effeminate-sounding goon committed a litany of rule breaking. The camera clearly shows how he refused to identify himself on several occasions and physically struck out at the occupier. His brusque manner, dubious conduct and reluctance to show ID left us in no doubt he was a TV Licensing goon.

Well what do you know? It turns out, not for the first time, we were right all along. 

Despite yesterday's goon stating quite emphatically "no, I'm not from TV Licensing", his very words, it turns out he actually is. In other words, in the space of 2 minutes, he told several barefaced lies. We know that because he was unmasked as a TV Licensing goon back in November 2013. During that earlier video, which was filmed 28 miles away in Belfast, he did show his ID card, thereby confirming his name and employment status with TV Licensing. Furthermore, the Belfast goon was seen to drive away in the same vehicle (dark coloured Ford Focus estate, registration number CFZ 6393) as featured in yesterday's Ballymena video.

The notes accompanying the earlier video indicate that the goon is called Paul Bale. If you compare the image above with those published yesterday there is no doubt that he is the same person. Even now, with all this evidence pointing squarely at a goon behaving badly, TV Licensing will probably still try to deny any involvement. Just like their BBC bosses, TV Licensing are very bad at accepting any sort of criticism, although it is nearly always richly deserved.

We are grateful to a friend for highlighting the connection between the two videos.

If this TV Licensing goon is prepared to act in such a manner when the camera is rolling, we dread to think how he might behave on the job normally. Given his unusual recollection of the truth in this case, we'd be interested to learn how many unfortunate souls have been convicted of TV licence evasion on the basis of his evidence.

We're watching this one very closely.

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Edit (25/1/14): We have tidied up the language in this post to make it more readable.


Anonymous said...

What an absolute GOON! I love this blog :-)

diarmuid10 said...

His name is actually Paul Beale not Bale and he's from Lisburn.

admin said...

Thanks for your comment diarmuid10. Can I ask, do you know this chap?

diarmuid10 said...

I sent you a pm admin.

admin said...

Just a quick note that diarmuid10's comment has now been corroborated by 3 different sources, so it does seem that this goon's surname is actually Beale.

We'll also add, as we're pretty sure Crapita/BBC will read this, that we have become aware of some rather interesting information about this individual...

admin said...

diarmuid10: If you'd like to contact us you can do so via our Facebook account or email. See sidebar for both links.

We are not connected with Facebook group that we think you sent a message to.

Steve Midz said...

"I am not a lying cheating goon honest"

Cormac Mac said...

If he's prepared to lie about his job, what else is he prepared to lie about? Who else is he prepared to lie to? Worrying.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a nasty piece of shit, seems he likes playing the victim card too when it suites him which is typical BBC

admin said...

Just so everyone's aware, the BBC is aware of this story:

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They'll probably deny any knowledge and play dumb if anyone asks them about it.

The BBC is dishonest, you see.