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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Derbyshire TV Detector Van Challenge

Following on from TV Licensing's hilarious propaganda piece in yesterday's Derby Telegraph, our good friend TJoK has thrown down the gauntlet to the good people of Derbyshire.

The challenge, as he explains in the video below, is quite straightforward: TV Licensing has publicly declared that its shit-scary fleet of detector vans will be cruising the back lanes of Derbyshire. The first Derbyshire resident to capture verifiable video footage of one of these detector vans in operation can claim a reward of £200.

The Derby Telegraph has actually made this challenge slightly more difficult, by publishing a photo that bears no resemblance to a current TV Licensing detector van. For your convenience we summarise the main identification points in the image below.

TJoK looks forward to your videos, so don't forget to carry your camera when you're out and about in Derbyshire!

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Anonymous said...

I bet even the Capita web trawlers are guffawing at the kerb crawler quip! I'll be sure to take a trip round the back of the old Derby hospital to see if I can find the illusive van in question.

Veg said...

Remember, TV "Detection" technology consists of two dirty old men sat in a white van with a camera. Usually found "detecting" the bedroom windows of 9 year old girls. The legacy of Savile lives on in the sordid world of BBC/TVL/Crapita.

Chris said...

TV detector vans observed in Derbyshire so far: zero

Beeb, these things are real... aren't they..?

Anonymous said...

There was a tv licence van outside my house Nottingham his reg vx09 vtk
vw transporter