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Monday, 9 December 2013

TV Licensing: Goon Assault and Animal Attack Rates

At our request the BBC has just released information about the number of TV Licensing goons assaulted or attacked by animals in the course of their duties.

Using the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we asked the BBC to provide the following information:

1. In each of the years from 2008 to date, the number of occasions where TV Licensing employees have been assaulted in the course of their TV Licensing duties.
2. In each of the years from 2008 to date, the number of occasions where TV Licensing employees have been attacked by any dog or other animal in the course of their TV Licensing duties.

Rupinder Panesar, a lawyer working in the BBC TV Licensing Management Team, confirmed the following goon assault and animal attack rates:

2008: Physical assaults = 43; Animal attacks = 17
2009: Physical assaults = 46; Animal attacks = 9
2010: Physical assaults = 61; Animal attacks = 16
2011: Physical assaults = 55; Animal attacks = 11
2012: Physical assaults = 36; Animal attacks = 23
*2013: Physical assaults = 30; Animal attacks = 13

*2013 data until October 2013 only.

If your dog has the misfortune of biting an uninvited TV Licensing goon, please be sure to have it checked over by a vet as soon as possible. You can't be too sure what infections the goon had!

Edit (25/12/13): The Telegraph has published their own version of our article here. Sadly they forgot to attribute us as source.


Ray Turner said...

I wonder how serious the 'physical assaults' were...?

The most trivial of incidents, even touching somebody, lets say by putting a hand on their shoulder in order to prevent entry to your property, could theoretically be logged as an assault, if the victim is so inclined...

What we really need to know is how many black-eyes, broken-noses and other injuries were sustained by TV Licensing Employees, as well as dog bites...!

John Galt said...


Excellent justification to buy a pitbull for the exterior yard.

Even the wife can probably get behind that one.

Maryon Jeane said...

I'm slightly concerned to see the downward trend here...

admin said...

Thanks for your comments.

I suppose each individual goon has their own assault threshold - some would consider a door being slammed on them assault, but I'd consider that fair game.

I reckon they're a bunch of tarts who'll squeal "assault" the first time anyone tries to rebuff their doorstep bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Poor goons. Violence against any human is to be deplored even if they work for Capita/BBC. As for the advisory about jabs after animal attacks...then yes I have to agree, vermin carry all sorts.

Anonymous said...

All these assaults eh. Pity they weren't captured on video and put on youtube.

Would make excellent viewing on these dark winter nights lol