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Thursday, 26 December 2013

TV Licensing Durham Tees Valley Triangle

The Durham Tees Valley Triangle, just like its more famous Bermuda counterpart, is a place where strange things happen that defy any sort of logic or belief.

Within this windswept 300 square kilometres of northern England the following incidents have occurred:
  • Middlesbrough: Then TV Licensing goon (now convicted rapist) Gary Catterick raped a pregnant woman who took pity on him when his car broke down in the snow (read more here).
  • Hartlepool: An unknown TV Licensing goon snatched violently at the front door handle of a property he was visiting (read more here). Shortly after this unprovoked act of aggression was captured by CCTV, Capita shamelessly told the BBC: "In this case I think there is a lot of unfounded speculation regarding the officer and there is little else we can or should do about this particular incident".
  • Hartlepool: Two TV Licensing goons executing a search warrant make up their own laws and procedures as they go along (read more here). They are rude and aggressive to the occupier, who has no legal need for a TV licence.
  • Trimdon: The same two TV Licensing goons executing a second search warrant make up their own laws and procedures as they go along (read more here). They are rude and aggressive to the occupier, who has no legal need for a TV licence.
In all likelihood it is the same locally-based TV Licensing manager that has presided over all of these incidents, so questions have to be raised over why there are so many instances of TV Licensing incompetence and malpractice within such a small geographic area.

Would anyone at the BBC or TV Licensing care to provide an answer to that?

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Ray Turner said...

Re: Trimdon.
And: "Making up own Laws & Procedures"

There must be something about that town. Its Tony Blair's old constituency...


Anonymous said...

Haha Great Post. Given recent goings on, very appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting filth them goons are. Well done to the occupiers for managing to keep their patience with those arrogant lying yobs.


Anonymous said...

This article made me laugh - very good.

Anonymous said...

Are you trolling ha ha ��

Anonymous said...

The overseeing manager of the middlesborough T.V. licensing division that is responsible for sending these thugs to your homes is a Colin Bright, based in the Darlington department I believe.

Admin said...

Colin Bright is a name TV Licensing used between Lands End and John O'Groats. He's probably never been to Darlo (or Boro) in his life.