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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BBC TV Licensing YouTube Monitoring

Taking a leaf out of our book, our noble colleague TheJesusofKayaking (TJoK) has been asking the BBC awkward questions via the Freedom of Information Act.

TV Licensing is a trade mark used by companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection of television licence fees and enforcement of the television licensing system. The BBC, as statutory Television Licensing Authority, retains overall responsibility for all matters relating to the TV Licensing brand and contracted companies.

Thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded, it can afford to pay people to sit on their worthless fat arses all day surfing the web. The BBC's TV Licensing Management Team has several of these mouse-potatoes clicking around for TV Licensing critical comments.

TJoK, as most of you will already know, runs the very popular SeaKayakingTheMovie YouTube channel. As well as posting regular tit bits about kayaking, barbel fishing and the numerous pieces of unsolicited post his household manages to attract, he also likes to comment on TV Licensing incompetence. As you can imagine, with the number of TV Licensing bloopers increasing by the hour, he's not often short of fresh material to comment on.

For all he is often outspoken about the despicable tactics employed by TV Licensing he has never, to the best of our knowledge, threatened their employees with any sort of violence. That being the case, the BBC's response to his recent request for information makes very interesting reading.

TJoK asked the BBC to provide all information it held about the SeaKayakingTheMovie YouTube channel.

Rupinder Panesar, a lawyer working in the BBC TV Licensing Management Team, sent their response earlier today. It would appear that TJoK also features in the BBC's little black book of TV Licensing Antagonists.

In an email dated 2nd August 2013 someone at the BBC with the grandiose title of PR Manager, TV Licensing said the following: "One of the most prolific YouTube/bloggers (The Jesus of Kayaking) has repeatedly threatened violence against any TV Licensing goon".

As mentioned earlier, we are not aware of TJoK threatening violence of any sort. We'd be very interested to see the (detection) evidence that leads this White City PR harlot to such an inaccurate conclusion.

Also quite humorous is that a second BBC PR flunky takes umbrage at the fact TJoK records his telephone conversations with the TV Licensing call centre: "I am not sure what the law is on recording telephone conversations without consent".

It's pretty much the same as the law on goon fishing, so why not read up on it?!


John Galt said...

"...also features in the BBC's little black book of TV Licensing Antagonists."

I hope your joking that such a thing exists...

admin said...

Nope, no joke.
We feature in the little black book, as does TJoK and various others.

Anonymous said...

TJoK has been labelled as a 'YouTube antagonizer'. I wonder how many other big words they have for us in that little black book?