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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

TV Licensing: Mountain Shrunk to Molehill

TV Licensing visiting officer David Mountain is the unexpected star of the latest YouTube goon video.

To be honest, we've now seen that many goon videos that we're being selective about those we publicise. Mountain's video has made the cut because of the cocky way he demands the occupier stops filming him.

It is perfectly legal for the occupier of any property to film TV Licensing employees as they visit. The occupier does not need permission to film anyone stood on their doorstep or in a public place. The only way TV Licensing employees can legally prevent themselves from being filmed is by withdrawing from the camera.

The TV Licensing Visiting Procedures make it clear that goons should not attempt to stop any occupier exercising their lawful right to film. Mountain, until today, was seemingly unaware of that fact. Perhaps he hasn't been very diligent in reading the official goon handbook.

I somehow doubt he'll forget it in future!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your selectiveness included mine and Shakey's 'goon' video.

Anonymous said...

The identification card bears the "TV Licensing" trademarked image which belongs, of course, to the BBC.

It carries as much weight as a card bearing the trademark "Doctor Who" or "The Tardis", which also belong to the BBC. Would anyone respond to a man with an identification card saying "Doctor Who" or "Watchdog"?

If the BBC can manipulate the Great British Public into believing there really is a TV Licensing organisation, what else is it up to? It can never be trusted.