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Saturday, 24 August 2013

TV Licensing Goon Covert Footage

For a long time we have been strong advocates of TV Licensing goon filming.

The occupier of any property is well within their legal rights to film any visitor and does not need to announce their intention or seek permission to do so. For that reason an increasing number of the legally-licence-free community - people who have no legal need for a TV licence but are harassed by TV Licensing regardless - stand armed with their cameras ready to capture footage of their next goon visitor.

Over the years TV Licensing goon filming has proved a rewarding method of gathering intelligence. Not only does it make the goon feel very uncomfortable, but it also provides the occupier with a full and accurate record of the visit in question.

Until fairly recently TV Licensing goons were under strict instructions to terminate their visit at the merest hint of a camera, but recent changes to the Visiting Procedures now give them the option of remaining in the spotlight.

A couple of days ago we learnt that new covert footage of a TV Licensing goon had been uploaded to YouTube. Armed with a concealed camera the occupier takes the opportunity to converse with the goon. He explains that no-one at the property watches or records any 'live' TV programmes, but they do use a WDTV Live Box to stream non-live content from a computer hard drive. The occupier also confirms that he occasionally watches pre-recorded DVDs and listens to radio programmes via a TV set. Such an arrangement does not legally require a TV licence.

The goon, clearly unfamiliar with the equipment described by the occupier, asks if he can enter the property to see if it is connected to an aerial. The occupier comes back with the brilliant reply: "If it was connected to an aerial that would be irrelevant, wouldn't it? If you don't use it to watch or record 'live' TV?" After a sharp intake of breath the goon concedes and sheepishly replies "Yep".

It's all downhill after that point with the goon scarpering the moment the occupier says he'll only let him inside if he can make a copy of his ID card.

A textbook example of the new strategy of covert goon filming. Next time a goon calls make sure you secretly film them and see what bullshit they come out with when they don't realise they're being recorded!

Had Welsh Chris, who we discussed yesterday, been covertly filming the goons that visited his property, he might have been able to collect evidence that directly contradicted their claims of being able to hear a TV set in use.


Anonymous said...

Here is a nice goon capture video, show just how its done for anyone who wondering or worried


Anonymous said...

I have looked closely at a number of the 'Goon' videos and in most the goon appears to be holding a hand-held device that they appear to check now and again. I would suggest this device is Not a TV Detector, since they do not exist for Digital TV, but a sensitive directional microphone, being used to try and snoop the sound of a TV being used in the background. If you look at the device it has a protrusion on its top right hand side, and in most of the videos this protrusion is pointing towards the occupier open doorway. Looking closer this protrusion appears to have a small aperture in its top. This I suggest may be a directional super sensitive microphone. I may be wrong, but it may be sensible to try to exclude the possibility of permitting the device to record sounds from your property, by closing your door and standing in front of it.