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Saturday, 13 July 2013

North Yorkshire TV Licensing Goon

A new video has appeared on YouTube showing footage of a TV Licensing goon encounter in North Yorkshire.

It would appear that this video is yet another example of TV Licensing choosing to ignore a perfectly valid WOIRA instruction.

It's true what they say, that you can form an opinion of someone within about the first five seconds of meeting them. Well within that narrow time frame, we were able to deduce that this follicly challenged goon was a bit of a loose cannon, not least for the way his jaw is ignorantly chiseling a piece of gum at the same time as trying to hold a conversation with the occupier.

The occupier very benevolently explains that he is filming for both of their safety, which he is perfectly entitled to do. The goon, evidently unfamiliar with TV Licensing policy on this matter, challenges the presence of the camera.

"Can I ask you to stop recording?" asks the goon, arrogantly forgetting that he's on someone else's property.

"No. I'm quite within my rights to record" comes the legally correct reply of the occupier.

"Not if I ask you not to" retorts the goon, closely followed by "how are you well within your rights to film me? I haven't given you permission."

Comedy gold from the goon next, as he lectures the occupier on how to behave like a decent human being.

The occupier elaborates a bit on his reluctance to deal with TV Licensing: "I get pestered all the time from the TV licence (sic). I've removed all implied rights of access. So why are you at my door?"

The goon, looking increasingly ignorant by this stage, comes back with: "Well I don't know that, do I? I haven't been told that you've removed all rights of access, otherwise they wouldn't be sending me to your door, would they?"

After exchanging a few more pleasantries about the legalities of filming and implied rights of access the cocky goon shrugs his shoulders, protests his innocence and makes his retreat.

What a complete and utter masticator.

Attention all iPhone users: Please remember to hold your phone horizontally if you use it to film a TV Licensing goon.

Edit (27/7/13): We have replaced the original dull image of the goon with a new enhanced version.


Anonymous said...

iPhone's should be horizontal BEFORE you open the camera app.

Admin said...

Thank you for that point of clarification Anon.

Chris said...

The orientation when you open the camera app doesn't matter as long as you orient it horizontally, and see the on-screen items and buttons change to indicate this, before you hit record.

admin said...

Thanks Chris... it's becoming a hot topic this one!