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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Anonymous Plans BBC Protest

Global "hacktivist" group Anonymous recently published a spoof news report on YouTube where they announced their intentions to target the BBC early this summer.

The one minute segment, which shows a newsreader wearing the group's trademark Guy Fawkes mask, is transcribed below:

"Dear citizens of the UK,

"We are Anonymous. We are not best pleased at the way the BBC, British Brainwashing Corporation, has been dealing with the issue of paedophilia within its realms.

"You (the BBC) have failed the public via fraudulent means. You force citizens of the UK to pay for a TV licence. You force them to pay over £145 a year to view your idea of what is worthy. You have failed the public; you have failed the free press; you have failed to not censor news stories; you have failed the people by the tax avoidance of your staff, which Anonymous takes very seriously, and you choose to hide the emails as well.

"And so we say here unto you, BBC: We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. The 1st of June 2013 you can expect us."

The group has previously claimed responsibility for hacking attacks that brought down the UK Government's Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Number 10 websites. Anonymous also managed to hack a secret telephone call between US and British cyber-investigators, which was all about how to tackle members of their group.

Given the content of this latest Anonymous statement, it seems likely the group will target the BBC's web and email servers. It would appear, in common with us here at the TV Licensing Blog, that Anonymous is incensed at the BBC's lack of transparency. There has been speculation that they might attempt to retrieve some of the emails the BBC has been so desperate to hide over recent months, in particular with regard to possible tax avoidance and Jimmy Savile.

We do not condone any illegal actions on the part of Anonymous on 1st June 2013. However, should they wish to protest within the law, we give them our total support and wish them the very best of luck.


Anonymous said...

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous has missed a trick here.

The BBC is, from top to bottom, a left-wing propaganda machine.

It's outrageous that taxpayers are forced to fund it or threatened with jail.

The Saville issue is just a tiny part of a bigger picture.

Still, I look forward to witness Anonymous bringing the BBC to its knees. If only it would do it regularly instead of what will probably be a single stunt.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog.

Re 'anonymous'; one galnce at their rhetoric should set alarm bells ringing.

Anonymous - cowardly.
Legion - like demons.
No forgiveness - inhuman.
No forgetting - vengeance.

Anonymous bullying [by various corporations and entities] is exactly one of the problems we face as peaceful living human beings.

To put faith in this unknown quantity would be rash, desperate, and could have very unforseen consequences. Be careful to whom you ally yourself.

In addition, the creepy mask is from the film V, itself a propaganda piece from that self-confessed occult enthusiast and champion of clever darkside narratives, Alan Moore, with clanging references, of course, to the gunpowder plot, itself a famous false flag.

Look a little closer. As in nature, things are not what they seem on the surface.

I look forward to the day that the BBC is wound up and dissolved, and the many guilty parties put on trial in public [not private] courts.



Anonymous said...

Within the law or outside it, the truth about the BBC and savile needs to be seen by a wider audience.