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Monday, 24 December 2012

TV Licensing Goon on Twitter

A TV Licensing Goon has broken cover to Tweet about some of the more sinister and humorous aspects of his employment.

Before the BBC and TV Licensing soil their festive undercrackers too badly, closer inspection reveals that this Twitter account is firmly tongue in cheek instead of the ramblings of a disgruntled turncoat.

For the past fortnight the TV Licensing Goon has been Tweeting pearls of wisdom on all manner of TV Licensing topics. For all it is described as a parody account, the author has clearly done his research as he quips about some of TV Licensing's most embarrassing failures. He's already joked about slapping a wheelchair user (as TV Licensing convicted criminal David Clark did) as well as seeing frozen images on TV screens (see Michael Shakespeare's story). He's thus far given the subject of Jimmy Savile a wide berth, but with so many dropped bollocks in the BBC and TV Licensing back catalogues there is plenty of other material for him to work with. Perhaps he can comment on the recent search warrant fiasco, which saw TV Licensing's Ian Doyle (of Shakespeare fame) scurry for cover despite having the court's authority to enter a property.

For the latest updates please follow the TV Licensing Goon on Twitter.

Very best wishes of the season to all our loyal readers.

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