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Thursday, 1 November 2012

TV Licensing: Harassing Phone Users

Earlier today, in common with thousands of other people across the UK, I received a telephone call from a number I didn't recognise.

Usually, if I'm sat near the computer, I quickly Google the incoming number and decide whether or not to answer it. If the number is withheld my default setting is the hit the reject call button. I view the telephone very much as a device for my convenience and no-one else's.

Researching my anonymous caller I came across the Who Phoned Me? website and my curiosity was naturally drawn to comments left about TV Licensing calls. It appears that TV Licensing's unsolicited phone calls, which we have touched on in the past, are about as popular as their unsolicited monthly letters.

Below, for your entertainment, we list some of the critical soundbites people have published in response to TV Licensing's cold calling. This is only one website for reporting cold calls, so it's probably just the tip of the iceberg as far as the complaints go. I have brushed up some of the spelling, but other than that the comments are as posted:

"Receiving repeated blank calls from this number, when I answer having no response. It is extremely irritating and quite worrying as I have no idea who's on the other end."

"Answer to this number and the person on the other line said "fu**ing c**t" then hung up. Nice!"

"Calls from this number are a pest. On returning call no response."

"My TV licence was due for renewal end of June this year... Not paid it yet as paying rip off stealth tax sticks in my throat... Anyway... been getting these calls recently... Coincidence?"

"I refuse to speak to anyone from their call centre after being patronised and insulted last time I spoke to them."

"They are extremely rude and unprofessional with no interest in dealing with anything other than payments."

"My calls were deliberately disconnected by the agent."

Please leave a comment below if you have also experienced woeful service from the TV Licensing call centre.


TheJesusofKayaking said...

I have video evidence of the calls I have made to their call centre. Danny in particular was fond of the search warrant gambit. Funny how the visiting procedures manual states they shouldn't threaten search warrants when harassing innocent people on their own doorsteps but it's ok for them to do it over the phone!

Pure scum this outfit, hell bent on extracting money out of anyone weak enough to submit to them so they can hand it over to the BBC, the broadcaster that has lost trust in everybody and will never get it back. Not that I trusted them in the first place of course.

admin said...

Thanks for your comments TJoK.
A pleasure as always.

admin said...

I'd also add that given you've spent more than an hour reading our articles this morning (host-89-243-108-78.as13285.net) you obviously find them of interest.

Anonymous said...

No just interested in reading the bullshit that has been put on here lol very funny!

admin said...

We have a broad readership, which we strive to please.

Glad to hear you're finding our articles so entertaining.

Our articles aren't to everyone's tastes, but they're certainly not bullshit.

Anonymous said...

hmm in your opinion and im allowed my opinion so i thought i would make a comment on here and see and its exactally what i expected!
I will keep popping back and reading the drivel that is posted on here!
It seems to be a very biased and very opinionated website from people like tjo etc
strangely enough it seems to be the same people commenting over and over again very poor following i see!
anyway thanks for the response have a lovely day you here!

admin said...

Yes, of course you're allowed your opinion.

We are biased against TV Licensing. That is the whole point of this blog.

We disagree with an organisation harassing people when they have no legal need for a TV licence.

1killerbilly said...

ive had this harrassment on my wifes phone very very rude scum bag on the other end my advise is dont bother answering and if they turn up at your door put a camera in there face like i did and post on utube no contract now fuck off bbc scum

Veg said...

Equally fed up with these TVL scumbags, PPI and accident insurance scammers, "surveys" etc. Always see if caller identifies themselves first, any doubt just hang up. Never give any info to an unsolicited caller.

Grundy said...

Top post. Keep up the good work.