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Saturday, 10 November 2012

TV Licensing Botches Warrant

We would hate anyone to be under the misapprehension that the BBC, and therefore TV Licensing, run such a slick operation that they are beyond reproach.

Indeed their recent handling of the Jimmy Savile and Lord McAlpine scandals proves beyond doubt that they are often clueless when it comes to presenting honest facts, which probably explains why a recent Comres poll shows that audience trust in the BBC stands at an all time low.

Back at the start of January 2012 we ran a story and subsequent analysis of TV Licensing's own resident hard man who we dubbed Mr Grumpy.

Mr Grumpy arrived at a legally licence free property and made it immediately obvious that he considered the occupier, who goes by the name of j2LightWorker on YouTube, was a licence fee evader. His conduct, which was quite frankly appalling, was captured on YouTube for everyone to see. With his eyes glazed and nostrils flared Mr Grumpy launched into such an offensive tirade that it is amazing that the occupier didn't lamp him one. Mr Grumpy was adamant that the occupier was guilty, although he offered no evidence of the fact whatsoever. Perhaps he was on secondment from the Newsnight team?

On 6 June 2012 Neil Blood of Capita Business Services Ltd. applied to Kirklees Magistrates Court for a warrant under section 366 of the Communications Act 2003. The actual warrant is shown in the image below. The fact that Blood made his application in June proves once and for all that Mr Grumpy's original threats of seeking a warrant in January were complete fabrication.

These warrants, which are exceptionally rare, give Capita employees, acting under the guise of TV Licensing, permission to search a person's property for TV receiving equipment. This particular warrant was executed towards the end of June.

According to j2LightWorker the warrant was executed by two TV Licensing agents and two police constables. They arrived on a warm day when the front door was already open. After expressing his dissatisfaction to one of the police constables he allowed them entry so they could conduct their search.

One of the TV Licensing agents took a close interest in the TV set in the main room, but quickly discovered it was unable to receive live TV programmes and therefore did not require a TV licence. The TV was set up to watch DVDs and non-live internet streams only, which is perfectly legal without a TV licence. After a cursory glance at the remainder of the house the TV Licensing agents scuttled away with their heads down, tails between their legs and crucially no evidence whatsoever of licensable TV usage.

It appears that TV Licensing has again wasted police time on the basis of their sloppy intelligence and evidence gathering. We eagerly await information about the exact nature of the evidence included in Blood's deposition.

The BBC would deny it, but we're getting the distinct impression that anyone who challenges TV Licensing's authority becomes a target for increased harassment, regardless of whether or not there is evidence against them. The BBC is currently in a position where they are denying lots of things, so their opinion cannot be taken as sacrosanct.

A video explaining this latest twist in j2LightWorker's battle with TV Licensing appears below.

Edit: This TV Licensing goon has now been positively identified as Philip Oldcorn. See this post for more information.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

So that's Ralph Barkers SW execution botched up (video starring Danny DeVito), along with the one Paul Willars attended in Leamington Spa, along with Mr Heather's from Kent. Those are three I know of all with the same outcome. ZILCH.

Surely even the rock apes at TV Licensing and the BBC can see where their lies, intimidation and bullying gets them? Or am I giving them more credit than they deserve?

The only problem I see with search warrants being granted is that they aren't getting enough of them. The more warrants granted to search innocent people's homes=more humiliation for the ever desperate BBC scum.

Maryon Jeane said...

The crucial thing in this is to find out how a warrant was ever granted, as it clearly should not have been (unless there is any part of the whole account of this incident missing). Warrants are not granted - or should not be granted - on a mere application without justification, there *must* be justification offered in court before a search warrant is granted.

This point should really have been raised at the time when the police and the Capital employees visited the house. If an objection to the warrant on these grounds had been raised with the police and entry refused, the police would have been on dodgy ground forcing entry and would probably have reconsidered.

Talk to a solicitor if possible, but if not then I would suggest your MP should be your first port of call, on the grounds that a warrant was obtained with no justification. It is more than possible that TV Licensing lied to obtain the warrant, and this is a serious matter. The national newspapers will be very interested in this, particularly at a time when the BBC is so much in the news...

John Galt said...

Fundamentally, this comes down to the fact that a search warrant has been issued without sufficient evidence for any claim that a TV was in use on the premises at that time.

If evidence was available, it should have been made available to the Kirklees Council Justice of the Peace and should be made available upon request to the respondents solicitor.

Only their is no evidence is there?

Only the say so of an employee of Crapita who has a financial incentive in obtaining unnecessary and unlawful search warrants against the Legally, License Free...

Which is where we came in. Unless we can stop the unlawful execution of search warrants against the Legally, License Free we are not going to win the battle against BBC harassment and intimidation.

This is where we should draw the first battle line, just as we did at Rorke's Drift.

Veg said...

The BBC would do better to root out the paedos, perverts and tax evaders in it's midst than persecute law abiding citizens.
Time for the whole rotten BBC to be scrapped.

admin said...

Thanks for your comment Jim, which was mistakenly deleted.

The people concerned are currently engaged in efforts to try and find out what evidence was presented to obtain the SW in question.

Stay tuned.