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Thursday, 18 October 2012

TV Licensing Goon: Blink and You'll Miss Him!

A very short post today, highlighting once again the effectiveness of the humble camera as a TV Licensing repellent.

The occupier hears a knock at the door and suspecting it's TV Licensing (fat bloke, cheap leather imitation folder, clutching a PDA) answers with the camera rolling.

TV Licensing man utters the words: "I don't want to be filmed"; the occupier replies with: "Well, you're on private property"; TV Licensing man scuttles away with his tail between his legs and loses his commission.

In the space of two sentences TV Licensing man's ego was fully deflated and he was on the retreat, thanks entirely to the power of the camera.


The 9 second video can be viewed on YouTube, but it's that short we're not bothering to embed it here. We are publishing his photo above. Sadly the cameraman chopped part of his head off.


Anonymous said...

9 seconds. It's a record breaker?

David said...

And that 9 seconds includes 3 seconds before I opened the door! :))

admin said...

Thanks David, we got your comments...

We approve each comment before publication, hence the delay. In future please only submit your comment once.

As we said at TVLR, please have your camera ready for their next inevitable visit.

David said...

Thanks for the advice, admin, but there's nothing to say that my comment has been submitted and is awaiting moderation once the Publish button is clicked - it just looks like nothing's happened.

At least I was persistent in trying to post a comment!

Camera is at the ready for the next visit. :)