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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Shakespeare TV Licensing Victory Makes the Papers

The Thurrock Gazette today published details of how an Essex man successfully defeated TV Licensing in court after being wrongly convicted of TV licence evasion.

Michael Shakespeare, 54, from Grays in Essex was wrongly convicted on what can only be described as the most spurious of evidence. It was evidence so lacking in credibility that TV Licensing's own employees contradicted it in court.

We wrote about Mike's case back in April, shortly after his conviction had been quashed in the landmark ruling at Basildon Crown Court. Please read our back article carefully for an insight into the sinister and deceitful tactics employed by TV Licensing and fully sanction by Licensing Authority, the BBC.

To put not to fine a point on it the pivotal evidence that TV Licensing presented as fact was picked apart and fully discredited. TV Licensing's timings and witness testimony were riddled with inconsistency.

Where the Thurrock Gazette has led the big nationals will follow. Well hopefully!

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