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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

TV Detector App for iPhone

Fellow scourge of TV Licensing, TJoKayaking, has produced another informative YouTube video pouring scorn over the technological claims of the BBC's revenue collection arm.

TV Licensing has previously admitted to the Information Commissioner that they rely very heavily on the public perception that they have detection equipment, which can be effectively deployed within a few seconds. They claim this mystical equipment, which is so secret even the people operating it think they're actually using a microwave, can distinguish between two TV sets either side of a party wall in as little as 20 seconds. So confident are they with the effectiveness of their detector vans that they have never produced "detection evidence" for scrutiny in open court. Fact.

Anyhow, TJoKayaking purchased a TV detection app for his iPhone 4s for the princely and familiar sum of £145.50. In the video he waved the device next to an operating TV set and nothing happened at all. Not even the slightest flicker of a response, despite him being within a few feet of the offending equipment.

Expressing his disgust on YouTube, TJoKayaking said: "Sadly it didn't work and when I complained to the scum at TV Licensing they said the app was so secret during development that nobody knew what they were working on so nobody knows how to fix it!"

Some people claim that TV detector vans are nothing more than glorified wank wagons, which TV Licensing employees use for spying through people's windows. We couldn't possibly comment on that.

Perhaps that's the reason TV Licensing are so secretive about their technology?


Ray Turner said...

I can understand the science that would drive detection equipment for old-fashioned cathode-ray tube TV's. So the detection equipment probably does (or did) exist for that particular technology.

But so far as I can see, nobody's explained how the detection equipment might work with modern LCD/LED/Plasma TV's...

Anonymous said...

Lol, love your humour. Keep fighting the liars. Did u realy pay that much for the app? And are you demanding your money back?

From the videogangstar, the original tvl fighter