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Saturday, 23 June 2012

TV Licensing Encounter: Follow Up

Last month we brought you the story of a TV Licensing goon on manoeuvres on the streets of Sunderland.

I've got a joke about Sunderland, but I'll save that for the end of my post.

We were uncharacteristically polite about the goon in question, despite him having Shrek-like protrusions growing from his head. He seemed a friendly enough sort of chap at the time, but it now transpires that he went telling tales about the occupier's resistance to questioning.

A second video appeared on YouTube a week later showing a marked TV Licensing "Mobile Detection Unit" (read as empty Transit van with pretty stickers on the side) parked outside the occupier's home. The fact the van was parked outside a property that had been unsuccessfully visited just a week earlier suggests it was an attempt to intimidate the occupier. It's yet more evidence of TV Licensing harassment. What other reason would they have to sit outside the house of a "refusnik" a week after visiting him and finding zero evidence of wrongdoing?

Clutching his camera the occupier went outside and tapped on the side of the van to stir the window licker's attention. After fumbling his jazz mag in surprise the low life fled the scene instead of answering any questions. Unconfirmed reports are that his next surveillance target was the play park around the corner armed with TV Licensing's secret weapon - a big bag of Haribos.

The short encounter is captured in the YouTube video below. I don't suppose that gutless streak of commercial piss Capita will ask YouTube to remove it because doesn't really show that much. You might like to download it anyway:

There were three men in a hot air balloon floating somewhere above the North East of England. Unfortunately their sat nav had packed in, so they weren't quite sure how they were going to get back to their landing site. 

The first man gloatingly tells the others: "I bet if I hang carefully over the side of the basket and peer downwards I can tell where we are". The others were slightly apprehensive at the prospect of dangling their mate over the side of the basket, but decided it was the best course of action at the time. Alas, he saw nothing but the peaks of fluffy white clouds (so that ruled out Teesside anyway).

The second man, distressed that it would be dark soon, decided that he too would dangle over the edge of the basket and take a look. He was confident his superior knowledge of geography would allow him to recognise features on the ground, but his efforts were also in vain. All he could see were tiny cows grazing the fields below.

The third man, who had been very quiet up until now, said: "Right lads, I'm absolutely certain I'll be able to tell you where we are. I have a plan". With those words he waved his arm to the side of the basket and slowly swept it from left to right. He pulled his hand back inside the basket and smuggly decreed: "We're directly above Sunderland".

The others were agog at the accuracy of his answer and asked him to explain how he had pinpointed their position.

"It was very simple", he explained. 

"When I pulled my hand back into the basket I noticed that someone had stolen my Rolex".

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