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Sunday, 26 February 2012

TV Licensing Enforcers Return

Last month we wrote an article about a particularly repugnant TV Licensing bottom feeder, who knocked on the door of a legitimately unlicensed property and started spouting off hollow legal threats about search warrant applications.

We're back at the same property for this month's gripping instalment of TV Licensing doorstep intimidation. It's a different TV Licensing salesman and unlike his predecessor he seems to have at least read the TV Licensing Visiting Procedures. This is demonstrated by the fact he flees as soon as he sees the camera rolling.

Of course this second visit serves to prove that bottom feeder number 1, who we nicknamed Mr Grumpy at the time, really was speaking out of his rectum last month when he claimed he was "off to the Magistrates" with his fictional "search warrant application". It transpires Mr Grumpy's claims were clearly a load of bollocks, as we said they were at the time, as is 95% of everything TV Licensing says.

The above photo of bottom feeder number 2 will remain here in perpetuity, as Crapita will undoubtedly try to expunge its existence from YouTube.


33_hertz said...

Hahaha, keep giving them hell!

Anonymous said...

3 visits by the goons within such a short space of time?

This stinks like TVL saw the original video, sent Mr Grumpy round as a knee jerk reaction then sent this one round. Well done by The Legal Occupier again.

Nobody gets so many visits in such a short time frame.

George said...

He had fame within his grasp but he couldn't face it, pictures of him on the front page of The Sun every morning but no, he had to walk away. Heeheehee heeheehee!!!