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Thursday, 17 November 2011

TV Licensing Staff Plan Third Strike

TV Licensing workers will down tools for a third time later tonight and tomorrow in an increasingly acrimonious row over pay and conditions.

Those involved are employed by Capita Business Services Limited, who are about to lose the BBC TV Licensing operations contract after a decade of dodgy dealing.

Andy Furey of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said in a statement on the union's website: "This is a dispute about fairness. We have a clear case of double standards - one rule for senior executives who award themselves massive pay rises and bonuses and another rule for staff who are expected to suffer with pitifully low rises in pay.

"The truth is that working people are being made to line the pockets of the rich and Capita is a prime example of that. These are honest, hardworking people many of whom have never taken strike action before but are struggling themselves and then seeing their bosses take huge pay rises.

"Three days of strike action is unprecedented and we strongly urge Capita to return to negotiations to resolve this dispute before Christmas."

In the same article TV Licensing admin worker Jane Pascal said: "We work really hard for Capita. We give a quality service whilst ensuring all their targets are met so why do Capita insist on treating us with such contempt and offering an inadequate pay rise well below inflation whilst giving their Directors a huge pay rise well above inflation?"

Earlier in the dispute a Capita spokesman said: "The offer made to staff working on the TV licensing contract represents a minimum increase of 2.6% and 2.7% for 2010 and 2011 respectively.

"We think it is a good and fair offer."

Capita has just reported a half-year profits increase of 8%, with the business making more then £1 million a day.

Capita Business Services Ltd. was awarded the 10 year TV Licensing operations contract in 2002. The BBC is due to announce the winner of the new contract later this year. Several other companies including IBM and Cap Gemini have made applications for the role.

As usual the workers will be manning the picket lines at TV Licensing's Bristol and Darwen sites tomorrow morning.

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