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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

TV Licensing Salesman Scarpers

More TV Licensing home video appeared online yesterday courtesy of YouTube.

The silver-haired TV Licensing employee approached the property and rang the doorbell completely unaware that his visit was being recorded on CCTV. After a few seconds without response he started to peer through windows, as we have seen so many times before. Maybe Capita brief their employees, who have no lawful rights whatsoever to go beyond the front door, to snoop around if they think no-one is watching?

After a short delay the door was answered by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask V for Vendetta style. TV Licensing man chirps into his usual script, "are you the occupier here, are you?", seemingly unfazed by the cosmetically altered figure before him. Mr Fawkes sensibly retorts "who are you?" and nothing else. The silver-haired goon replied "I'm from the, erm, TV licence office". That was the cue for Mr Fawkes to reach for his camera tripod, the mere sight of which was enough to send the Capita salesman fleeing for his anonymity.

It didn't work because we've got a snapshot of his smily face anyway.

This reinforces our earlier observations that TV Licensing recoil in horror every time a camera is pointed in their direction.

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1 comment:

33_hertz said...

Hahaha, the speed with which he departs is highly amusing here.

Makes you wonder what else the worm is hiding from.