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Friday, 29 April 2011

TV Licensing Coffin Dodger Visits

"Excuse me sir. I'm from TV Licensing. 
Do you have any windows I can lick?"

Thanks to the miracle that is YouTube I can bring you yet another example of TV Licensing doorstep intimidation and deceit.

The TV Licensing representative got more that he bargained for when the householder, well within his rights, answered the door with the camera rolling. As is often the case the TV Licensing representative recoiled in horror at the prospect of having his wrinkled face captured on film.

Despite being the person who initiated the unsolicited doorstep intrusion the TV Licensing vermin begins with "have you got a problem?" He slobbers a few more garbled words before retreating with TV Licensing's favourite hollow threat "I'll be back with a warrant."

Yeah, right. Parasite.

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